Soloable pacifist quests

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100% solo pacifist

These are quests that you don't need help from other players to do.

Partially solo pacifist quests

These quests often only require that an item be turned in, although it is normally acquired by killing. Some quests can also be completed if mobs in the way have already been killed.

Final comments

Although the Catelius puzzles would normally requiring killing, anyone inside the puzzle when it is completed should get credit for the quest (i.e. being inside when someone else solves it). < This is not the case when the killing blows are done by an Autonomon.

Any remaining quests (assuming this page is up-to-date) require being involved in killing blows, and are therefore inappropriate for pacifist characters.

NB: Standing in the Catelius Maximus while someone else solved it does not count as a success:

   You feel some sort of scrutiny upon you, as if you were being examined by some invisible intelligence.  In a moment it departs, and you feel a sense of rejection, that you have been evaluated and dismissed.
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