The Dome of Terror

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Standard Information

Mioran and Miorin, twin sorcerers of good and evil, have released the demon Talkh'amus from his long years of imprisonment. While trying to recapture him, they met their death, but their ghosts still linger around, waiting for brave adventurers to help eliminate this terror.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Seven
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Zero
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Five
   This quest was created by Sheldan.


  • Your quest will begin at a strange rock in the jungles of Tetlacana.


Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Items Required

Skills Required

  • None


  • Go to the Dome of Terror (-30, -3, 0) in Tetlacana (Global: 213, -246, 0).
  • Make sure you are not mounted, then use the command 'touch rock'.
  • In the first room, 'search walls' reveals a jewel; 'push jewel' carries you further into the area.
  • Go to Miorin's room, to the east.
  • Listen to Miorin (literally, type 'listen to miorin'). -- NOTE: You need to be capable of hearing to be able to use the 'listen' command. If you try to complete this for example while under a Deaf challenge then you'll get stuck in the room with Talkh'amus and have to attack him, get your limbs ripped off, and be transported out. If you realize this problem before you enter Talkh'amus room then you can touch Miorin to be teleported out.
  • Miorin explains that you need a genie bottle and gives you a spiel about what you need to do. You must wait through this spiel, because he teaches you an incantation that your character has to know to complete the quest. You don't need to personally memorize this, it is automatic. When this stage is completed you'll see the message, "You are now familiar with the incantation for the capture of Great Talkh'amus."
  • Go on to the golem's room.
  • The golem asks you "None shall pass - who do you think you are?".
  • Say 'I am none' and he will teleport you into Talkh'amus' room.
  • Drop the bottle and use the command 'capture Talkh'amus'.
  • Quest complete!


The last step requires the ability to speak to perform the incantation so those with the mute obstacle (and riishan) can't complete the quest. You can get out by attacking Talkh'amus, who will probably dismember most of your limbs and then throw you outside.


  • 5 Quest Points
End of spoiler information.
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