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    This is a tall graceful bottle crafted from bright red metal.  Etched into it are delicately
carved silver sigils.  These sigils designate this device as a potent prison capable of holding
captive a being of the commonly known genie races -- djinn, ifrit, marid, or dao.  
    It looks about one dimin across, two dimins long, and a tenth of a dimin thick.  It weighs
about one and a half dekans.  
    It is empty.
    The bottle may be used to imprison a single genie.  Once imprisoned, the being may be likewise
freed from the bottle.  Both of these operations drain spiritual energy. You may imprison <genie>
or free <genie>.  Keeping the bright red metal genie bottle costs eleven keep points.  The bright
red metal genie bottle was created by Chaos and is maintained by Marcosy; the source code was last
updated Mon Apr 04 03:11:51 2016.
  • The Gurbodax octopus has one. Also very rarely appears as random load loot.
[OOC Carden] where is the Gurbodax octpus?
[OOC Spellblazed] not the 1st floor but one down from it, south, middle, waterfall
[OOC Broseidon] I'd just like to say, immateriality makes Gurbo amazing.
[OOC Spellblazed] 1 down from ground basically

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