The Quest for Trivial Knowledge

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Standard Information

Jorge Aspar, the gnome historian, seeks help in his quest to compile all the information he can on our world of Lost Souls. Seek him out and explore the world.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Ten
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Zero
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Three
   This quest was created by Gareth.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Jorge rummages around in his backpack and pulls out a black-leather-bound paper notebook.
Jorge hands you the black-leather-bound paper notebook.
Jorge says, "Take this notebook and explore throughout the land.  Ask everyone you meet if they
have a question for your trivia collection.  Some will respond with a question, and if you answer
it to their satisfaction, the information will be added to your notebook.  When you think you've
got enough data return the notebook to me for your reward." in Sperethiel.
Jorge exclaims, "Good luck, brown-armoured figure, and happy adventuring!" in Sperethiel.

The History of Lost Souls Project

Use "trivial knowledge?" or "trivia" to prompt an NPC. You need 15 total tibits to complete the quest.



Boomer asks, "Once I battled the goblins under Kolond, fighting beside
    the great heroes of all dwarven history.  Only one other from the great wars
    remains, and now devotes his time to training our young in the ways of the
    old.  Of whom do I speak?"
Answer: Duthien Morninglord



Shalush asks, "Some people call me greedy, but I'm nothing compared to my cousin Krassus.
 Ya do know where his main base of operations is, don't ya?"
Answer: Sanctuary



Elias asks, "My brother and I have heard tales of exotic body-wear for men called
    a breechclout.  Where's a good place to find one of those?"
Answer: Tlaxcala


Taga asks, "I remember my old school days like they were yesterday.
   One bright, young elven girl was especially nice to me, and I think she
   teaches Sperethiel nowadays - but for the life of me, I can't remember her
   name.  Can you tell me what her name is?"
Answer: Lothuial



Aildrek asks, "You know, there's something I've always wondered about: who owns
  that store called the Emporium?"
Answer: Achmed

Losthaven Arena

Ulias asks, "I was at a convention awhile ago and ran into an odd chap from a
    place I'd never heard of.  He sold a most unusual drink called "mindtrauma tea",
    ya wouldn't happen to know his name, would ya?" in Nanomi.
Answer: Abendig

Losthaven Sewers

Gasdghat asks: Few in your puny world have managed to muster
    the power that I have obtained.  I've heard rumors of one mage, however, who
    just might be my equal - I've heard he sells random potions near a church.
    Ahh, if I only knew his name - do you?
Answer: Curan


Ifuthai moans, <[ Our winged cousins, the aviar of Teryx, have a formidable captain for
    their elite guard, the Hawkmen.  What is his name? ]> in Xhax.
Answer: Katar

Fort Shantaari

Tirana asks, "The Magic comes from within: you must reach deep inside to find
  the will, and then but speak a word with which to focus the will.  My best
  student was torn from his  studies, and imprisoned in a tall tower.  Do you
  know of whom I speak?"
Answer: Brandol


Les states, {I tried getting some formal education once; went to Jhan
    and studied in this big library there. Some old dude there kept bugging me, so
    I bailed on that scene. Do you know his name?} in Sperethiel.
Answer: Hardrad



Talin says, [: The tunnels to my drow homeland have long been turned
    to rubble after their attempted invasion of Kolond.  While I remain content
    here, I sometimes miss my family.  Ahh, but speak the name of my homeland,
    and bring a smile to my face. :] in Dethek.
Answer: Yathryn


Chaszmyr demands, [| Some customers have been asking for a drink called "Mithrandir's
    Bane".  Do you know the name of a bartender who serves this drink? |] in Zadjalin.
Answer: Tathar

Kentaur Isle


Tamuli asks, "Before I started tending bar here, I used to explore the world
     quite a bit.  Now I yearn for news from the mainland.  Who is in charge
     of the livery in Jhan these days, now that Nareth is gone?" in Kentos.
Answer: Caimen Bitael


Remedios asks, "Nyad legend tells of another forest in the land whose guardian
    protects both the trees and all the beings who live amongst them.  She is said to 
    bear the mark of the Horned God.  What is that noble being's name?" in Aelvalie.
Answer: Sirinil

If the above is different...

The silvery female dryad asks, "Nyad legend tells of another forest in the land whose guardian protects both the trees and
 all the beings who live amongst them. She is said to have one such creature, not as a pet, but as a companion, an equal.
 What is that noble creature's name?"
Answer: Griv



Lorena the bookkeeper wonders, "I wish I knew what was going on outside of
    the citadel; the guards don't tell us much about the happenings of the world.
    I remember hearing of a small village afflicted by a deadly disease, but I don't
    know what happened to that village.  Do you know what the disease was?"
Answer: Ytzine Plague


Kurd inquires, ' I hear talk of a new medical school devoted to
    slightly alternative medicine.  They work on transplantation of entire limbs,
    much as I do.  I think it's called the Barber-Surgeons, any idea who runs
    the joint? '
Answer: Galenus


Banir Lok

Kraenic the trader whines, "I hear that old spook Curan has a wicked pack of
    cards in his backroom.  Ahh what I'd do to get ahold of those.  Any idea where
    Curan sets up shop these days?" in Takargu.
Answer: Camille

Demonad jungle

Demonese elder asks, "Sun bring hot, moon bring cold.  Cloud bring
    rain, wind bring dust.  Set knows and knows not.  But one who commands the
    weather exists, she knows.  Who be she?"
Answer: Torlira

Surdassic Sea


Jedian the thief asks, ~- As soon as I get out of here, I'm heading to Losthaven.
    A master thief there has a guild I'd like to join.  In order to find him
    thereis one thing I must know.  What alias does he use now? -~ in Sperethiel.
Answer: Grey Mouser


Able to complete quest with 15 - Wis, 30Jun2013

End of spoiler information.
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