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The Free City of Losthaven was once a northern trading outpost of the Altrian Empire; it gradually came to be a center of activity, attracting all manner of people to its walls. When the Empire fell, Losthaven went largely unscathed by the upheavals that followed. It is now even more a hub of the continent of Almeria, and is home (native or adopted) to a number of renowned adventurers. Losthaven is under the dominion of King Almior and Queen Loviatar, who rule in a detached manner, generally trusting the City's inhabitants to govern their lives themselves.



  • Losthaven is located at (-21, -24, 0) in Cimbra (Global: (-21, 57, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Guilds and Associations


Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions


  • City alignment: Order/Good
  • Guards assist: Yes
  • The secret passageway in the Losthaven Palace can be accessed from the throne room. First search the throne, sit on it, and then push the button.
  • The local constabulary do not tolerate attacks upon its citizens. A list of bounties upon the heads of those that do so is rigourously maintained by Jonquin the City Hall clerk. A reward for a successful termination of one of these criminals is offered and can be received from Jonquin upon completion.
  • The sewers are a great place to start training your combat skills. Nothing in the sewers except the alligator in the pool in the north sewers and giant rats (have a 25% chance to be aggressive) will attack on sight. So it's a good place for someone with little to no combat skills to learn to fight.
End of spoiler information.


  • Losthaven Sewers by Hierberus
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