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  • Article about those silvery weapon things that shift into different shapes and sometimes do neat stuff.
  • Can imbibe Vials of Ezithric for upgrades or something?
  • Similar to Paraxos, does interesting things that scale with Chaos Favour, more research required.
  • Langur consorts may or may not receive bonuses while wielding them.
  • Acquisition information


This is a meratarix, a weapon of the Courts of Chaos.  Often found as a companion to its larger cousin, the iltarix, it enjoys great
popularity with the Chaosborn thanks to its versatile and unpredictable nature.  The devices are forged of an otherworldly metallic
compound, urgyras, which partakes in the nature of both steel and mercury.  After this esoteric process is complete, they are enchanted
to assume the shapes of various weapons in combat, as well as provide other assistances to the wielder.  This one currently has the
form of a scourge of gleaming silvery hue.  You estimate its value at about three thousand eight hundred gold.
  • Small sized variant.
  • List of observed forms goes here.


Description here
  • Medium sized variant.
  • List of observed forms goes here.


Description here
  • Large sized variant.
  • List of observed forms goes here.
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