The Mage Curan

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  • Location: Curan's Useful Magics in Camille
  • Occupation: Useful Magician
  • Look
    Curan is a tall, thin, distinguished human gentleman in his late sixties. 
He gives the appearance of being crippled and arthritic, but every once and
awhile he will betray a hidden strength.  His eyes glitter when he looks at
you, almost like those of a lynx stalking a rabbit.  
    He looks about sixteen and a half dimins tall, five and a fifth dimins
wide, and one and three tenths dimins front to back. 
  • Info
He is a potential arbitrage client, and will respond to inquiries after arbitrage opportunities. 

  • Notes

He has a back room you have to reply to a riddle to get into. There is a deck of changes

   This is a deck of large, white-lacquered horn cards.  The backs of the cards bear a series of eight golden symbols arranged
in a circle.  It looks about one dimin long, three fifths of a dimin wide, and three tenths of a dimin tall.  You estimate its
value at about one thousand gold.
>     Commands that can be used with the deck of white-lacquered horn cards are 'cut deck', 'draw card', and 'choose <number> (to
choose the number of cards you will draw, from 1 to 7).  Choose carefully, because you will not be able to draw from the deck of
white-lacquered horn cards again for one day.  The deck of white-lacquered horn cards was created by Baal and Chaos and is
maintained by Baal; the source code was last updated Fri Aug 17 16:09:01 2018.  The material horn was created by Lost Souls; the
source code was last updated Tue Jun 06 14:34:17 2017.
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