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     You hiss, <[ I wish to join the Tzakazhar ]>
     Klethka quietly hisses, (< Oh, do you, dracon?  A secret so valuable is to be entrusted only
 to those who stand the highest in the eyes of Isskarazh -- even higher than that your nature
 grants in her sight.  Protect and defend the draconic beings of the worlds and refrain from
 harming them, and Isskarazk's regard for your fidelity will increase or decrease according to the
 significance of your act and the place in the precedence of nobility the one you act toward
 possesses.  You stand now with perhaps three fifths of the road to attaining such status behind
 you.  Remain steadfast in your course and I will share my knowledge with you in good time. <) at
 /-------------------------------------- System Change 6524 ---------------------------------------\
 |     Summary  the Tzakazhar                                                                      |
 |      Number  6524                                                                               |
 |        Type  content expansion                                                                  |
 |          By  Chaos                                                                              |
 |        When  Sep 17 2016 10:56 PM                                                               |
 | Description  Created the Tzakazhar, which is Xhax for "dragonkin".                              |
 |    Projects  Tzakazhar, Shatterspire                                                            |
 |  Importance  Rated 3, moderate, by two raters, spread 2-4                                       |
 |       Value  Rated 3, acceptable, by two raters, spread 1-5                                     |
 |     Version  world revision incremented to Lost Souls 0.9.168                                   |

You hiss, <[ I wish to join the Tzakazhar ]>

     Klethka nods.
     Klethka hisses, (< You are a staunch friend of Isskarazh's children, Mordekai.  You are worthy. <) at you.
     Klethka makes a complicated series of motions.
     You feel something begin to stir within your psyche.
     Mordekai has become a Tzonazh.
     Type 'help Tzakazhar' for more information.
     You sense a new emotional need opening up within you -- an incompleteness you never fully
 grasped, the need for a true soulmate of some kind -- along with the desire and ability to fulfill
 that need and to complete yourself.
 [- the Tzakazhar -]

There are potentially very obscure requirements that must be met before you can bond a dragon. New incarnoi probably won't find success.
Introspection, courage and leadership may all play a part in getting you a dragon. Quest points are a definite requirement, as stated by developers.

     The Tzakazhar, the dragonkin, have the ability to empathically bond to
 any draconic being with which bonding is possible, including dragons.  A
 member is a Tzonazh if male, a Tzetazh if female or hermaphroditic, and a
 Tzakazh otherwise, or generically.
     Beyond the benefits normally obtained by means of empathic bonding, a
 Tzakazh derives skill specialty access from the specialty access available
 from their bond consort.
     The Tzakazhar have a communication channel accessed using the commands 'tzakazhar' and 'guild'.
     You sense that you have one method by which you can form an empathic bond: a full essence bond
 via draconic morphogenetic resonance, a means provided by the Tzakazhar.  This bond is
 unfulfilled.  To fulfill it, you must find a suitable creature and concentrate on forming an
 empathic bond with it via draconic morphogenetic resonance.
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