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Your Incarnoi are individual sentient creatures under your Atman. They are complicated beings, with a history, a system of morals, skills and knowledge. This page explains how to get to know them as a person, making roleplaying them and controlling them easier.


History and Physical Features


Use `show name` to display the name of your Incarnos. Your name is unique amongst every individual in the world and is used in all descriptions to identify you. People from the same homeland as you know your name, and will automatically refer to you by it. Others will refer to you by your race. You can use `report name` to say your name aloud, as a way of introducing yourself.

Race and Body

There are a lot of races of sentient beings that inhabit Lost Souls, many of which you may recognise from other works of fiction. Each race has genders that are appropriate to it, dimensions in the Lost Souls units, body parts and colourations. `examine me` or `look at me` will give a description of your Incarnos. To see what body parts you have, `show limbs`. Races also have diets, which must be considered to keep your Incarnos healthy. The size of your Incarnos is shown by the dimensions of their body, and is also separated into categories of size for equipment, from diminutive to giant.

Culture and Homeland

Your history is defined by the culture and homeland that your Incarnos comes from. Use `show culture` to display your culture. Each culture in the world of Lost Souls has cultural skills and knowledge that it imparts to it's members. Cultures also have general morals and usually only a section of all the races may come from a particular culture. A culture also has at least 1 and maybe more homelands, that your Incarnoi has been born and raised in, affecting where you start the game.


The morals of an Incanos is a measurement of their position on 2 scales, 1 of good and evil, the other of order and chaos. Use `show outlook` to display your Incanoi's ethics and alignment. These change during play to reflect the actions of the Incarnos, with alignment changing faster. An Incarnos whose ethics and alignment are in agreement is more at peace with them self and more effective at all tasks.

Attributes, Skills and Knowledge


The physical and mental abilities of an Incarnos are represented by their attributes, a series of numbered statistics. `show attributes` will display the current status of all of your Incarnoi's attributes. For an adventurer, values of between 70 and 100 are good. Values less then 50 represent a significant weakness in that area.


Anything an Incarnos can do is a skill. Skills are separated into categories and are each dependent upon an attribute. The full value or more of a skill's controlling attribute will be added to an attempt to use that skill, and other attributes may influence the skill. Other skills may also influence the chance of success with the primary skill. Use `show skills` to display a list of all the skills your Incarnos knows and their level. Generally level 40 to 50 skills will succeed if you are not attempting a difficult task.

The skills list is very long. Sections of it can be shown with `show skills (name)` where name is the name at the top of the section you wish to view.


The world of Lost Souls is vast and includes many things to learn about. The set of all things that your Incarnos knows is represented by their knowledge. If your Incarnoi has knowledge about a thing, they can identify it when they see it if it is a race, item or material, and they can learn and improve in it if it is a skill.

Inventory and Equipment


The inventory of an Incarnos holds everything that the Incarnos is carrying and is not using. `show inventory` or the abbreviation `i` will display a list of items in your inventory, collected into stacks of similar items and sorted by time of collection. You can `look at` or `examine` any item in your inventory. To select an item from a stack of similar items add the number corresponding to the place in order that the item is in the list to the description. The weight of items in your Incarnos's inventory contribute to encumbrance. An Incarnos's gold also is part of their inventory, but is carried separately to other items. The commands `show wealth` and `show wealth capacity` show how much gold you have and how much you can carry respectively


An Incarnos's equipment is all the items that it is currently using, either by wearing them or by holding them in it's hands. You can see your Incarnos's equipment with the `show equipment` or `eq` commands. When an item is worn, it must be worn on a specific body part. Some items cover more then 1 body part. Items can be worn with the command `wear` and taken off with the command `remove`. Holding an item in a hand requires a free hand, and is done with the `wield` command. Stopping wielding an item is done with the `sheathe` command.


When an Incarnos disincarnates they can only take a limited amount of items with them. The items that will stay with the Incarnos between incarnations are referred to as "Kept". To see what your Incarnoi will currently keep use `show keeping`. Use `show keep capacity` to find out how much equipment your Incarnos can keep and use `keep` and `stop keeping` to add and remove items from the keep list respectively. An Incarnos's ability to keep items expands based on their attributes, and their skills. Because an Incarnos cannot keep everything, it is good practice to sell anything that you cannot keep before quiting. It is considered courteous to quit in a civilised area, in a gathering place such as a pub to make it easy for others to get access to what your Incarnos cannot keep or use.

Current Health and Status


Because of the danger of the world of Lost Souls, and the role that your Incarnos takes in that world, it will get hurt. Each body part of a creature has it's own health, based on the size of the part and the constitution of the creature. The command `show limbs` will display all the body parts your Incarnos has and their size and health level. Any body part reduced to 0 health is disabled. If this happens to your Incarnos's head head or chest they will die. Is this happens to a limb the limb is useless until it has been healed to full health. If a limb takes double it's starting health in damage it is cut off. Hunger and thirst significantly affect an Incarnos's health. If an Incarnos is hungry or thirsty, it's maximum health for all body parts is reduced. If an Incarnos is injured and eats, it recovers health faster.


Health can be restored by magic, by healers in towns or by resting. Major injuries will leave scars on your Incarnos's body. Lost limbs are a significant injury that is very difficult to recover from.

Hunger and Thirst

Your Incarnos must be fed and watered to maintain their health. The page on Hunger offers much more information.

General Status

The commands `score` and `show character` will provide a large amount of useful information on your Incarnos.

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