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Keeping Items

The 'keep' system allows you to keep items in between incarnations. You have a maximum capacity for kept items based on various of your attributes and skills, which can be displayed with 'show keep capacity'. Keep capacity is expressed in point values; the points required to keep a particular item can vary greatly.

Once you use 'start keeping <item>' to begin to 'keep' an item, it will come back to you after you log in again as long as you have it on you when you quit. If you drop the item or otherwise lose it, though, it will not come back.

You will automatically keep items that you kept last time you were online.

Please note: You cannot keep items simply by keeping the container they are in. You must keep the items themselves as well. For instance, if you keep a backpack with several non-kept items in it, and reincarnate, your backpack will now be empty.

Unique items are a special case in the keep system. Some may not be kept. Those that can be generally have high keep costs. A special condition also applies to keeping unique items: they may only be kept for a *total* of three days *offline* time in a given keep session. Once this amount of offline time has elapsed, the unique item goes back into circulation. This does not mean three days since your last incarnation; it means three days *total time*.

To see the items you are keeping, use 'show keeping'. To cease keeping an item, use 'stop keeping <item>'. 'show keep usage' will display the keep costs of your kept items and the classes of keep points applicable to them.

It is possible for your keep capacity or the cost to keep an item to fluctuate, leading to you no longer being able to keep an item you previously had kept. Try to be alert to messages informing you of this, since otherwise you could lose an item you believed to have been kept. These messages will be displayed in the status: risk configurable color style. (See 'help color' for more on configurable color styles.)

As of System Change 3636: When you keep/unkeep a particular item, it flags the time on the item, and won't let you keep it with a *different* char on your atman for seven days.

Skills that provide keep points (incomplete list):

General                       ego, willpower
  Followers                   leadership
    Animals                   animal lore
      Domesticated Animals    farming, livestock breeding
        Horses                equestrian, jousting
    Arthropods                insect lore
    Fire Creatures            fire affinity, pyraturgy
    Mounts                    mounted combat, riding
    Plant Creatures           plant lore, floraphrasty
    Soldiers                  logistics, strategy, tactics
    Stone Creatures           geoturgy, mineral lore
  Items                       ownership
    Armour                    armour use, armour lore
      Shields                 heraldry, shield
    Artifacts                 arcane lore, history, legend lore, elder lore
    Cloth Items               sewing, weaving
    Comestibles               alchemy, cooking, logistics
      Alcoholic Beverages     brewing, carousing
      Potions                 alchemy, homeopathy
    Eskaric Items             eskara affinity
    Items of Blood            sanguiphrasty,
    Items of Fire             fire affinity, pyraturgy
    Items of Water            water affinity, cryoturgy
    Literature                arcane lore, history, linguistics, literacy, scholarship
      Maps                    cartography
    Magical Items             arcane lore, entropy affinity, legend lore, magick affinity, metaphysics
    Metal Items               metallurgy, metal affinity, smithing
    Plants                    horticulture, plant lore, floraphrasty
    Psionic Items             metapsychology, psychokinesis
      Psionic Matrices        matrix interface
    Runed Items               rune lore
    Sacrosanct Things         theurgy, goetic investiture
      Devices of Order        order affinity
      Devices of Chaos        chaos affinity
      Holy Things             qlippotic resistance, sephirotic affinity
      Unholy Things           cacoturgy, sephirotic resistance, unholy taint
    Stone Items               carving, masonry, mineral lore, earth affinity
    Tanned Items              tanning
    Tools                     artificing, carpentry, carving, digging, farming, locksmithing, masonry, mortuary, sewing, smithing, tanning
      Lockpicks               lockpicking, locksmithing
      Medical Equipment       acupuncture, barbery, chirurgery, dentistry, diagnosis, first aid, leeching
      Musical Instruments     musical composition, percussion instruments, stringed instruments, wind instruments
      Orienteering Tools      orienteering
      Torture Implements      torture
    Valuables                 finance
      Gemstones               gem lore
    Weapons                   weapon lore
      Bows and Arrows         archery, fletching
      Daggers                 dagger
      Lances                  jousting
      Staves                  staff
      Swords                  sword
      Throwing Weapons        throwing
      Unarmed-Style Weapons   unarmed combat
      Wyrding Weapons         wyrding
    Wooden Items              carpentry, carving, plant lore
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