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Command: Sheathe

   General-Use Command
   Usage: sheathe <weapon|weapons>
   Aliases: unwield

Makes your character cease wielding the specified weapon or weapons. It will attempt to target first within the list of items you are wielded, then within your inventory in general, so it should find anything you could possibly mean to stop wielding. If you are having trouble specifying the weapon you want to stop wielding, try using the numbered syntax shown below.

Take a look at the 'free' command for a way to put away your weapons according to the limb wielding them, rather than the name of the weapon.

   Examples: sheathe sword
             sheathe dagger 2
             unwield mace 3

Development Information: The sheathe command was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Oct 31 15:21:37 2007.

See Also: free, wield, wear, remove, weapons, specifying targets

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