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Fyriole is a Lost Souls developer. He didn't develop the Arbitrage system or the Gurbodax and Aumbrie areas, or the oneirheton bond or a few other things. He defaced Marcosy's picture for funsies, and made his user pages first paragraph a parody of Marcosy's.


I love you Marcosy! Hope you got a laugh from this. I did. -- Marcosy

Current projects (copy-pasted from my plan):

Banir Lok - Complete revamp of Banir Lok, using modern code. Not only will it be modernized, it'll also be expanded.

  • Done: Gotten the basic area built, mapping and such. It's all barebones, so no actual content yet, which leads to...
  • In Progress: Content. Rooms first, then items, then npcs and such. Perhaps some revision of the area as well to expand more.
  • Afterwards: Breathing some life into the conflict in Banir Lok, rebels versus the miners and the ability for players to contribute.
    • Sidenote: I'm wanting to revamp many areas using old code to use the current standards, so expect to see more of stuff like this in the future. Likely will revamp Teryx after Banir Lok.

Ideas/Future Projects/Etcetera:

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