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   He looks about six and thirteen twentieths dimins tall, one and a half dimins wide, and two fifths of a dimin front to back.
   He is in good shape.
   You find a weakness in Vashlanya's head.


   Vashlanya is one of the elders of Arborlon and its patriarch.  
   If Arborlon and the council have a leader, it is Vashlanya.  
   Some scholars suspect that Vashlanya is in fact Vanislan, the founder of this settlement. 
   However, for this to be true, he would have to be several centuries old -- 
   a fact belied by his youthful appearance.  Yet, as a being of fey, his looks are likely deceiving.


He can be found in Arborlon, in the amphitheatre (go all the way east from entrance).

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