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=[====-- Warhorse

 At level 25 and above, you are entitled to the service of a warhorse
 from King Arthur's prize stock.  Simply go to the Castle Camelot stables
 and request a warhorse from the stablemaster there.  Your warhorse has
 been specially trained to follow and assist you in battle and thus is a
 valuable asset, so be sure to take good care of it.  Note that if you
 want your warhorse to remain with you after you disincarnate and
 reincarnate, you will need to keep it.
 say i need a horse

 While mounted on your warhorse, you gain some combat advantages, and
 gain the ability to charge your foes.  See 'help charge'. 
  Currently the charge ability has been disabled pending improvements.
 The warhorse will obey a command to 'drop' or 'follow'.  You can
 thus give it equipment to carry for you, but it cannot wear or 
 wield anything.  Orders are given to the horse in the same way in 
 which they are given to the squire.  See `help squire'.

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