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Your membership in the Collegium Magistrorum, signifying that you have, for some measure of time, enjoyed the benefits of the office of the Archmagus, affords you knowledge of this form.

The office of the Archmagus is a sort of symbolic-etheric peak, an ideal of many magi that has been reified into an actual position in the world. The manner of reification is susceptible to subtle manipulation by eideturgical principles. Due to the potential for abuse, disorder, and misorder that comes from the existence of such an office, this susceptibility is a great boon, for it allows for this form, which can serve as a check on that power.

Actualizing this form will instantly transport one to the Archmagus, bypassing even the symbolic roads of conceptual navigation. Be warned that one should use this form only when prepared: the Archmagus is, by definition, a more powerful magician than any Aligned who might actualize this form, and they may startle when "approached" in a manner as dramatic as this, especially if they are aware of the purpose of the form.

Development Information  : This form was created by Twilight; the source code was last updated Tue Feb 05 20:10:28 2013.

Knowledge Requirement

be a Magister Collegii

Additional Requirements

do not be the Archmagus

Facility Formula

20% of ego plus 20% of intellect plus 20% of lexiturgy skill plus 20% of telesma skill plus 10% of painting skill plus 10% of diplomacy skill plus 10% of machine operation skill

Facility Range

204 to 450

Energy Costs

300 spiritual and 200 order

Process to Actualize

visualize the peak of a mountain

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