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Bartziluth is an ancient red dragon said to be living in the mountains north of Devonshire. They say that over the years she has acquired quite a hoard of treasure.

    Her body is covered with thick dark red scales reflecting her age and
wisdom.  Her dark grey eyes shimmers with great strength and vitality.  A
silvery stripe runs down her neck creating a distinct delineation between her
red scales and the dark grey scales of her underbelly and throat.  You
recognize her as Bartziluth, the Ancient Red Dragon of the Isle of Avalon.
She is one of the very few ancient dragons left, and is not well regarded for
neither her patience nor hospitality.  She is permeated by a dim sparkling
light and surging radiance.
    She looks about thirty-four dimins long, eight and eleven twentieths
dimins wide, and seventeen dimins tall.
    Her limbs are named head, right foreleg, left foreleg, right foreclaw,
left foreclaw, right wing, left wing, torso, right hindleg, left hindleg,
right hindclaw, left hindclaw, and tail.  Bartziluth was created by Lysator;
the source code was last updated Tue Jun 02 18:31:01 2015.  The dragon race
was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Mon Jul 06
18:42:41 2015.


Bartziluth's cave can be entered from (4, 8, 0) in Avalon (Global: (166, 89, 1)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



  • Bartziluth's Alignment:
  • Is aggressive
  • Deals quite a wide variety of esoteric damage types, if you've got a particular weakness to an element (especially temporally vulnerable races) you may want to make sure you have some way to protect against it before going toe to toe to her, or be sure you can keep her stunned until she dies.
  • There is a baby dragon in the cave north of her who only does fire damage. The eggs there can be consumed for a vitality boost, and if you're not doing the Pzyruxal Sphere Puzzle, you can tap the emerald that spawns there for a chance to get a temporary attribute buff OR, much more rarely, a permanent adjustment to vitality or willpower.
  • Her hatchling may or may not be friendly towards dragon race incarnoi, but this hasn't been thoroughly investigated yet. He is Reden 18:02, 30 September 2023 (EDT)
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