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* [[N'keh-Shub]] * [[N'keh-Shub]]
* [[Orthros]] * [[Orthros]]
 +* [[Raven]]
 +* [[Rhinoceros]]
* [[Scorpion]] * [[Scorpion]]
 +* [[Skeleton]] (Summons an icy skeleton)
* [[Spark dog]] * [[Spark dog]]
* [[Sunfish]] * [[Sunfish]]
* [[Sunray]] * [[Sunray]]
* [[Wolf]] * [[Wolf]]
 +* [[Wolverine]]
 +* [[Wyvern]]
* [[Yeti]] * [[Yeti]]

Revision as of 00:19, 13 November 2020

A figurine is a small (usually stone) sculpture of a creature, which can be used to spawn that creature as an autonomon loyal to the user.

The verb to use a figurine is activate, and to desummon the autonomon you can deactivate it. Only one autonomon per figurine can be active.

Each activation produces a different autonomon, so training, items, etc. are not persisted across uses.

  • IIRC, there's also something involved when the autonomon dies (destruction of the figurine?) but it's not fresh in my mind Eternaleye 19:10, 22 December 2019 (EST)

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

The following figurines are possible:

   [OOC Eternaleye] Is there a list of what figurines are possible anywhere?
   [OOC Benerius] if you get a figurine and can show it to me i can tell you
   [OOC Eternaleye] Conveniently, I've got a figurine of gphodrukth summoning in my microcosm - lemme summon it back
   [OOC Eternaleye] I'm outside of the Ivory Tower right now, unless there's somewhere else you'd rather meet, Bene?
   [OOC Benerius] neat
   [OOC Benerius] they've got their own directory
   [OOC Benerius] alligator_summoning.c    elephant_summoning.c     orthros_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] astreon_summoning.c      felljotun_summoning.c    scorpion_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] bear_summoning.c         gphodrukth_summoning.c   spark_dog_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] bergrisi_summoning.c     gyrkelik_summoning.c     sunfish_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] byakhee_summoning.c      hyperiad_summoning.c     sunray_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] crocodile_summoning.c    kerberon_summoning.c     wolf_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] draenath_summoning.c     lynx_summoning.c         yeti_summoning.c
   [OOC Benerius] elektros_summoning.c     n'keh-shub_summoning.c
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