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= Useful Locations = = Useful Locations =
-Egg room -1 2 -5+* Egg room -1 2 -5
-Morgue -8 -4 2+* Morgue -8 -4 2
-Weapons dealer 2 -2 2+* Weapons dealer 2 -2 2
-Meeting room 5, 0, 2+* Meeting room 5, 0, 2
= Expert Trainers = = Expert Trainers =

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Notable Persons


Useful Locations

  • Egg room -1 2 -5
  • Morgue -8 -4 2
  • Weapons dealer 2 -2 2
  • Meeting room 5, 0, 2

Expert Trainers

(These Trainers require unlocking via Lerita)

Rodastian usually at 5, 6, 2

A drow contracted from Yathryn to assist in magical procedures. He can train you in obscure arcane disciplines, and associated practices. He shares a laboratory with one of his fellow drow inside the secure portion of the compound.

Rodastian asserts, = I can provide instruction in alchemy, arcane lore,
centering, channeling, dancing, kineturgy, legend lore, meditation,
prestidigitation, rune lore, and viturgy. = to you in Zadjalin.


Chad Yewskin is our mercenary expert on combat and weaponry. He is stationed inside the gate to the mine. Under his guidance, you can learn the use of many weapons, combat techniques, and advanced weapon knowledge.


Dolhand Swarre is our contracted prison superintendent. He spends his time in the guard post, inside the gate to the mine and through the other gate to the east. He's an old timer, and you can learn many useful things from him, thanks to all of his past vocations.


Perle Nilley is a former miner who survived an encounter with the creatures beneath the caves. She now works as an adviser. You can usually find her in the meeting room, arguing over our future plans, as is her job. She can impart knowledge from her former position as a miner, such as skills for cave survival, and knowledge of what to look for.

Provides instruction in balance, blindfighting, breath control, courage, digging, gem lore, hardiness, the ability to make a massive exertion, mineral lore, the ability to make a precision strike, and tumbling.


Doala le Woxxes is a contracted guide skilled in mountain and cave exploration. She can train you in being a solid explorer. You can find her wandering the residential portion of the compound.


Our veteran medical professional. He can teach you many techniques and procedures used in the medical practice. He is located in his laboratory, within the secure portion of the compound.

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