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This page isn't a list of bugs, problems and other things. It's your Most Wanted thing on the game. The rules are anyone can only have one item on the list a time. It can be a guild, an artifact, an area, a race, it can be as crazy as you want it to be and you can go into as much detail as you want. Obviously as this is a player started page (though Developers can add too!) the Developers in no way have to take up any of your ideas. Don't phone, it's just for fun.


Gavadel son of Ganalon

I'll get the ball rolling since I started it AMBER!


The trump deck from Amber, with the NPC's to support it...especially if it means Merlin can return to Camelot and raise a strong pimp hand on Dara.


I'm kinda looking forward to non guild/assoc crafting... think it would be great. Fairly sure it's one of the MANY things Chaos is working on.


a manor district in LH. ability to buy a house where you can put things that do not clear on re-boot. defeating the need for mules while allowing players to use rare items they have collected.


I want gradual movement of a mud towards a task-based system generally, and specifically a system in which one can affect the world in richer ways, other than murder, in accordance to our fantasy setting.

  • Non-resetting, dynamic settlements:
    • Make settlements (towns, castles, etc.) dynamic, non H&S oriented, and non-resetting
    • Ability to start a settlement
    • Adventure for a settlement to strengthen it
    • Attack a settlement to weaken or permanently destroy it
    • Stay in a settlement for a prolonged time to do either of these things internally
    • Game benefits/penalties doled out according to town-specific reputations
  • Economy
    • Model trade routes and trade treaties
    • Make relative economic power tremendously more important
  • Real dungeons
    • Dynamic, and potentially resetting
    • Move most H&S content to these
  • Making traveling a problem to be solved. This is a requirement for any long-term improvement of the mud along the above lines
    • A removal/dramatic difficulty increase of most/all teleportation abilities
    • Make traveling across the map specifically, and ambulation generally, much more time-consuming and affected by more factors


Madam Myrtis, her establishment fully updated with modern code and racial distinction and interaction via MUD mechanics.

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