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This page isn't a list of bugs, problems and other things. It's your Most Wanted thing on the game. The rules are anyone can only have one item on the list a time. It can be a guild, an artifact, an area, a race, it can be as crazy as you want it to be and you can go into as much detail as you want. Obviously as this is a player started page (though Developers can add too!) the Developers in no way have to take up any of your ideas. Don't phone, it's just for fun.


Gavadel son of Ganalon

I'll get the ball rolling since I started it AMBER!


I'm kinda looking forward to non guild/assoc crafting... think it would be great. Fairly sure it's one of the MANY things Chaos is working on.

Remove alignment... replace with culture based reputation maybe... (don't know what but alignment seems D&Dish to me)

I was down in those hobgoblin caves under the desert and it could do with a little fleshing out... there are shops and stuff that don't seem finished... no sign to look at and no list at all... i don't see why you couldn't chuck a little goblin/orc/ogre race grouping type assoc down there (they even have a recruitment room already) to help defend it or what not... I'm not talking power gamer uber BS but something in theme to give it a reason for being other then you go there to hunt and get some odd items...


I want gradual movement of a mud towards a task-based system generally, and specifically a system in which one can affect the world in richer ways, other than murder, in accordance to our fantasy setting.

  • Non-resetting, dynamic settlements:
    • Make settlements (towns, castles, etc.) dynamic, non H&S oriented, and non-resetting
    • Ability to start a settlement
    • Adventure for a settlement to strengthen it
    • Attack a settlement to weaken or permanently destroy it
    • Stay in a settlement for a prolonged time to do either of these things internally
    • Game benefits/penalties doled out according to town-specific reputations
  • Economy
    • Model trade routes and trade treaties
    • Make relative economic power tremendously more important
  • Real dungeons
    • Dynamic, and potentially resetting
    • Move most H&S content to these
  • Making traveling a problem to be solved. This is a requirement for any long-term improvement of the mud along the above lines
    • A removal/dramatic difficulty increase of most/all teleportation abilities
    • Make traveling across the map specifically, and ambulation generally, much more time-consuming and affected by more factors


Madam Myrtis, her establishment fully updated with modern code and racial distinction and interaction via MUD mechanics.


I second Twilight's non-resetting, dynamic settlements!


A way to show which specialties are gained by what guilds and/or assocations the character is in.


  • A player base extensive enough that the wiki gets updated dozens of times a day, it is a rarity to be the only one on your guild channel, and we have active voting on the 'Vote for us' section over on the left hand side of the wiki page. It would also be nice if the only reason why there would be more devs than players is due to incarnation locks for maintenance reasons.
  • A dedicated, productive developer base that is capable of adding in new content on a monthly basis (e.g. new areas, new association, new guild, new faculty, major update of an old area, revamp of a guild, etc... basically something that will take at least a few days for the players to figure it out or explore it fully), even if the only new content added is a tiny village that is full of flavour and serves to fill in a small portion of the huge, empty maps we have.
  • Conscript some of the top developers from other muds as special projects managers for certain parts of LS (e.g. someone from a Dune mud adding content into parts of Akalahai, another dev from an Oriental themed mud adding content into Kaishima)
  • Corporate sponsorship for the mud so that we can hire Chaos as a full-time developer, hire him a few assistants, and get all the upgrades in hardware that we need.
  • More background support.
  • A worldwide economy and localized economies
  • A worldwide weather system
  • conditional responses from guardians
  • Variable levels of lockpicking,
  • applicable stealth/hiding/camouflage
  • better handling of invisibility
  • store inventories that can be looted if the storekeep isn't there
  • picking pockets
  • centralized support most of the functions needed for any form of player crafting
  • effects of stance on combat (part of this is covered by combat mode, but I was thinking of something like if you were sprawled out on the floor, or trying to fight while sitting down, or some of the eastern martial arts stances named after animals)
  • development of pets from young animals into adults (something I was initially working on years ago, but it would have been hard coded into each instance of the animal rather than actual support code, which is kinda contrary to what the aim of the project was)
  • animal instinctive behavior and bearing (so I can just set a wolverine to Bearing_Belligerent and that handles a lot of his behavior, what he will attack, and how he will attack/defend),
  • variable levels of undeath
  • binding demons
  • effects of fear/emotions
  • active defenses (like blinking, phasing out),
  • tracking by sense of smell, leaving behind footprints,
  • better use of alternate senses, like heat vision, UV light vision, heat-sensory pits, echolocation
  • centralized traps support
  • updates to all of the older, crappy areas to bring them reasonably up to standards and give players a reason to visit
  • trade routes, caravans, and shipping lanes
  • a use for the oceans, other than to make things seem really far apart
  • improving and centralizing weather functions to make use of the new 3d content
  • the rest of the world released for exploration
  • player-managed keeps with variable designs based upon how the keep is maintained and supplied.
  • the Underdark expanded to its full potential
  • the ocean realms more fully developed, especially underwater life
  • the sky realm more fully developed, with OZM stepping into complete supremacy in the skies
  • an end to 'the best weapon', 'the best armour', or 'the best kitted setup'.
  • a player base that manages itself. If a dev tells you to behave yourself better, it's because he is oppressing you--if other players tell you to behave yourself better, it's because you are actually being a <insert choice expletive>.
  • more of a turn towards donating for atmosphere than raw power
  • establishing kingdoms and country boundaries, aside from the changes in map coords
  • a shift away from the stock imagination of commercial games and towards our own cosmologies and canon (particularly concepts like gnomes are better at steampunk creations, because that's the most popular image, with no supporting concept as to why gnomes would even develop or use steampunk to begin with)
  • more religions


  • The completion of Death's Gate to include access to Lysator's planes/worlds.
  • The creation of actual content that uses 3-d mapping. Let's see more windships and Cloud Cities.
  • Above all, ways to gain XP (as a proxy for acheivements) so that you can level without grinding the hack. Dynamic quests, experience for successful spellcasts, experience for RP interactions, a lot more.


  • A metric for tracking deeds, reputation, and ethics (in the sense of ethical priorities of the character, like healing others or stealing from the foolish).
  • Full character customization during creation. Are you a manic-depressive lothar who's missing an eye? How about a quessae who's devoted hirself to the study of Evocation?
  • A much larger world.
  • The geosystem (solar system, except it's not solar-centric) of Gaia.
  • The ability to develop innate magickal power such that you can toy with magick on a fundamental level.
  • Vampires or other supernatural creatures with powers roughly at the level of flexibility of Hellsing; "You've only lost two legs, and you haven't revealed any of your other forms!"
  • dittos on most of Lysator and Twilight's lists regarding dynamic content and fundamental environmental support.
  • More skill and more time.



An appropriately leveled introductory guide to adventuring in Lost Souls. Everything a starting adventurer needs to know about making their Incarnos work

An expansion of lower level content across the MUD. Rats in the Devonshire sewers, quests that can be done at level 3 or 4 in most towns, etc.


This is something that has been nagging me for ages. A major update to the economy. Currently a newbie can grab piles of cash and artifacts at LL and Disco, there is no reason why older chars should not gift such things, but mainly it happens because there is a limit on player wealth and so it overflows all over the place.

The only way to properly value items is by creating a real economy where things can be sold to players by players. Either items are automatically valued based on rarity and material/bonuses (as currently but with perhaps a much wider scale) or there is some sort of auctioning system between players.

The wealth limit on players should be removed, allowing high level players to amass great fortunes. Why should everything be limited, from the money you get from selling to what you can keep? An economy could open a whole new facet to the game not based on XP and killing. This may well fit with Twilight's plans for a less kill-grind based mud.

I won't claim this change is a simple one. Creating a balanced economy will be difficult, and involve ensuring there are enough drains on it for example making some high level prestige actions extremely expensive like changing race etc.

At the moment so much stuff has so little value. The only value of a rare item is the grind taken to randomly find it.


I was searching for a creature over a wide area and I thought it would be nice if I could fly up and see several rooms at once.

For instance flying up once could show the creatures and items in five adjacent rooms, flying up twice could show the possibly just the creatures of ten adjacent rooms and so on. Maybe at a height of 3 or 4 visibility would be too low to see anything. There could be an accompanying sight ability that enables a player to see more things at farther distances.

Brak eda Sawall

I would love to see gelatinous cubes and/or clockwork creatures support


I think it would make sense to have a command with which one could estimate the protectiveness of an armor. I base this on the assumption that a person with average intelligence can estimate the thickness and somewhat the material the armor is made with. Naturally some skills could augment this commands function. The command itself could be:

  • show armor rating (shows all limbs and total rating = all layers of armor)
  • show armor rating on <limb> (shows limb's total rating of armor)
  • show armor rating with <armor item> (shows particular armor's rating)

The values shown would not necessarily have to be numerical - weakly, decently, heavily, unbelievably, etc armored.


More fun Exoma stuff, it's a nice place but it could use more things between microcosms and wherever you're trying to go, and probably more for people with good chaos favor/affinity/exoma fieldcraft/exomka culture to do in it, since the place is still pretty hostile even to those people and makes it seem like a miracle anyone who grew up there survived at all. Not saying it has to be less chaotic though, hell making it even more chaotic somehow would be nice. It's really just a matter of hostility. Also it could use a prettiness overhaul, it seems to be one of the only places ingame that still uses text colors with backgrounds. (Let's add metacolors and patterns to its random coloration of stuff, whee!). Also it could use more sentient stuff in it, aside from the chaos knights and slaads, where does the exoma culture people hang out? Do we need little procedurally generated cities floating around in it?

Actual Freehold. Discordians only have Disco, which is pretty nice, but it doesn't even have the Freeholder culture, even though Disco is planned to exist within Freehold, it would be nice if at least Disco could be updated to have the freeholder culture for stuff in the meantime, since that's probably easier than making a whole city.

POEE revamp. This is one of the oldest largely unchanged guilds (explanatory details on it pre-date luck's change do a trait rather than an attribute), and it's more "general chaos" guild than a "Discordian chaos" guild. It's already planned to be worked on in the (near?) future, so this is mostly for posterity.

Fun trippy psychedelic stuff, either by making the Lyserga drug have more interesting visual effects along the line of tsathogguleth poison trips, or stuff along that line, maybe have it mess with IC ansi stuff? Add patterns to pre-existing stuff? Also a new mental disorder, possibly schizophrenia, with pervasive hallucinogenic effects, since none of our mental disorders are really sensorically affective, aside from the ones that make you unable to perceive certain things.

Whimsical dream environments, and a means of accessing them, this would add a decent means of getting the twee silly stuff ingame without it being out-of-place, like Hotel California or Lem was.

Metopia and its related content, somewhat partially finished, a fairly unique aspect of the game, though a bit silly at times.

A small, (possibly playable), relatively passsive honey/bumblebee anthrope race to serve as a viable "prey" for suzumei and give Sloan an actual reasonable honey source as opposed to them somehow getting their honey from giant carnivorous hornets. They'd be fuzzy-wuzzy adorable and break the habit of making sapient insectoid races all vicious and hostile and ginormous.


= Mud Stability: It has been crashing a lot lately and going down for indeterminate amounts of time. Would be nice to see it get back to being stable again, and also further optimized (if it can be) to help lag as much as possible.

= A Mission System, granting xp rewards and possible mission points (a new form of currency) for the purchase of items with custom capabilities (+skill/stats, possible bonus specs, defense, hp, sp, material, craft level, type, etc.) This would nullify the "need" of limitless gold, as well as give an opportunity for players to further customize their incarnoi.

= Alternatively, I'm still eagerly awaiting the craft system I know has been in development, or planned development for a long it will accomplish everything a mission system would. In such a case, a mission system might be used for obtaining experience (alternative form of advancement besides being a sociopath) and/or rare materials for use in a craft system (if gathering ala WoW is not on the menu for the future.)


  • More nizari marks
  • A quicker/easier way into the nexus then deaths gate. Maybe add a portal in the Underdark O.o
  • If Nizari could mix poisons, like put hemlock and nightshade in the same vial, making it a new color with a new effect, this way we have something new to play around with, and it would be cool :)


More people donating to the game and/or corporate sponsers, I can't believe this game is so complex, its free, and no one gets paid for it! And maybe make NPCs who are skill trainers for guilds unkillable.


A note to the above: Hairstyles in a text-based game could probably already be covered under the "set description" command. :P

I recently had some of my incarnoi find their way into the service of Doppel as Shadow Brethren. It says there's a special channel for them, but says it can't be accessed when I try. That I can deal with. There seems to be only one trainer for the secret association. That I can also deal with. However, the most useful things I can use without access to a guild that gives me spells seem to be the voice-changing skills. Mimicry and vocilization.

While it's fun to imitate the Questor of Tyr while making sacrifices to Eris, I'd like to see improvements in disguise. Like, making it usable at all outside of modifying my personal description every time I want to tarnish a different PC/NPC's reputation.

Also I second making guild trainers unkillable.


- I would love more elemental gauntlets, like plasma gauntlets, acid gauntlets, similar to wand types, just different damage combo gauntlet types.

Thank you to any developer that takes this into consideration.


- The ability to own a piece of land, build a house, place furniture, host guests.

- Portable holes that aren't so easy to fall through.

- Improved stealth system

- Sitting down on objects - EG: "sit on couch" - "You see Bob sitting on a bright orange couch" (mostly for roleplaying benefits, but can improve resting)

- Positioning system - "You see a steel lamp on the wooden crate" or "put chicken on stool" - "You put a yellow rubber chicken on the wooden stool" or "You see Bob at the west side of the room". This idea may increase description size, so maybe a depiction option should be implemented for it ("set positioing depiction off"). With this system perhaps traversing rooms would be as it was before, (west will go to the room west to the current room), but there would be a seperate command for moving around the room itself, like "room west" or something.

- More long-term effects for achohol and drugs, EG: "You develop a pounding headache from your abuse of achohol earlier" or "You feel yourself craving for a joint/tab" and then you would get temporary attribute penalties for it.

- More satisfying death descriptions that are chosen randomly from a list of many descriptions that are influenced by how you/they are killed, EG: (if it's a fatal headshot) "You plunge the end of your silver sword deep in Bill's eye socket, through eye, through skull and through brain. You whip the silver sword back out again and Bill convulses, standing stock still before finally collapsing to the ground in a bloody heap. Bill dies." or a mortal wound: "You feel an intense pain in the center of your chest and start coughing up bloody fragments before dying choking on your own blood. You die." If a description could not be found for the cause of death, you would see "you/Bob died" followed by the cause of death, like "Bill dies of lack of head syndrome" or "You die of being mortally wounded". This would have a much more satisfying effect to the player, and should be able to be stopped with a depiction setting.

I second Vetalmino's idea on mixing potions, we should also be able to cook food and make drinks with ingredients, if this isn't possible already.


  • The ability to translate for others with enough linguistics skill such that it triggers NPCs - so you can do the diplomat/translator thing as a Cunning Linguist.
  • More NPCs who matter, who don't speak common, easy languges so the Xenoglossia sin has more of a bite to it and Linguists have a reason to do the translator thing.
  • Make swimming competetive or better than flight in it's element (water) with sufficient skill.
  • Big ocean currents! For all your oceanic superhighway needs!
  • Air currents! For all your flight travel needs!
  • An association that makes one aquatic - takes away racial wings, bars the flying skill, opens up swimming access, gives aqualungs. Don't forget to put the leader deep under the ocean, so that people who strip from it are in a bit of a pickle re:drowning and being crushed by the pressure. I.e. a legitimate path for winged races to ditch the wings and get with the Undines.
  • Another underwater guild? Hippocampus bond riders!


  • I third the idea of making guild trainers unkillable, but I also contribute by saying that they could have better AI, specials and/or teleportation abilities that are hard to dodge, so fighting Hasan might get you a literal kick out of the room, followed up by several envenomed throwing knives hitting you in the chest.
  • Well-defined necromancy-related guild, where you can graft flesh, bone, even scales onto your favorite minion, allowing them to become stronger in certain ways, as well as use brains from specific NPCs to add to the intelligence of the minion, and perhaps implanting special organs to allow them special abilities (I.E. a levitary or a bezhuldaar eyestalk), with specific limits on how much you can modify the minion before it destabilizes and becomes useless.
  • Intricate demon relations, allowing (maybe) a Drakkarim and other members of demonically influenced guilds to form long-lasting pacts and make short term deals that they have to uphold or face the consequences and, in return, obtain special powers or enhancements, access to special trainers, or even gain control over demonic followers.
  • Morphs with a unique mission system allowing you to gain special items and gold. ("With the ability to possess another being's body, Morphs have recently come into high demands as spies, scouts, and assassins.", as taken from the guild discussion page.)
  • Artificers, who can create various clockwork or otherwise items, with, perhaps, the ability to upgrade steam suits for Sentinels.
  • Sentinel love. Bring specific items to Leonid and get upgrades for your steam suit, ranging from a shoulder or wrist-mounted repeating crossbow, to more arms for your suit, powered by your spiritual energy.


  • Craftable strata armours
    • Why doesn't the Wayfarer - the wandering Order blacksmith - actually smith anything? All current strata armours come from killing NPCs who spawn with them
  • Samurai and ninja suits/armour sets
  • Bring back Doppel cloaks! Maybe a similar effect to the glomshals - I notice the the priest of Doppel occasionally shifts out of perception; why don't association members get the same ability?
  • More/more accessible art skill trainers - the only ones that stick around in one spot train up to 25 or less in art abilities
  • Make the druid cloak that says "you disappear into your cloak" when you wear it, actually make you disappear into your cloak, like with void armours
  • Have a "land/take-off" mechanic for players that have flight but are also capable of walking. No reason why just because you CAN fly that you MUST fly
  • Add a "tracking" system, that allows players with sufficient fieldskills, tracking skill, perception, lore (etc) to track down nameless NPCs of a certain type, eg: go out into Cimbra, track dana, spend some time wandering around tracking movements, then appear at a random dana spawn. Would work well for leveling up (tracking more dangerous creatures) and for feeding Kaz weapons.
  • Why doesn't the Talantonite culture start you in the Shadow Tower? That's supposed to be the Homeland for the culture, but it ends up placing you at 0,0,0 in Cimbra
  • How about changing the Shapeshifter guild requirements so that any race can be accepted? Maybe Kentaurs would stop being such a one-trick race if there were other options
  • More complex development ideas

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