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Who am I?

I've been on and off a LS player since somewhere around 1993. Despite this I am know where near the experience of many players, and I don't even have a legendary char.

I love learning new stuff, and bore when it gets to an XP grind. So that probably explains it, many times I have packed up for years and then looked in to find the universe new, different and improved.

There is something about LS now beyond my nostalgia to my university years.

When Amberites were first added to LS I created a few, back then you just needed to be level 75 or something. (that high level char got totally zapped through a few deaths which lost him enough XP to end up below hero. He was the original Oboklob, a Half-Troll Brute). Those chars still exist and I use them now.

I live in the UK, and I should be working right now :).


The only character of note is Morgana, who has been more guilds that I can recall. Justicars of Axa, Outsider (probably the longest stay of the rest), Aisenshi (before they were called that), Aligned, Currently Zeteson and probably others that I have forgotten. Mostly worked through Saintly/Ordered guilds. Soon probably to take a dive to the dark side once boredom creeps in again.

Morgana has been in most Associations at one time or another and has pissed off lots of them, Spear maidens are not to happy and the Questors of Axa don't want to know.

Spot Morgana around with hir langur called Bob. They do everything together it seems.

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