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  • Most potions must be imbibed to gain their effects.
  • Very few potions can be used more than once.
  • Most potions leave a glass vial in your inventory after use. These glass vials will be destroyed if thrown (so as not to leave trash lying around).
  • Certain Dietary situations prevent one from drinking a potion.
    • Sanguivore
    • Incendivore
    • Ametabolic
  • There are several methods for overcoming these dietary prohibitions.
    • Ioun of Nature's Reverie
      • Activating this Ioun, among other things, will make you a Photovore.
      • May only be activated by a race considered organic in nature.
    • Bond to a Swan
      • At a high enough bond strength, you will become a Photovore.
    • Join The Aligned
      • The form Osmosis will allow you to drink most potions, but not all.
    • Join Ordo Ignis Aeternis
      • The spell Fire Wine will make any consumable item capable of being eaten by an incendivore. The spell Immolate will make you an incendivore, if you are not one already.
    • Join Ring Wielders
      • The Rune -- will allow you to drink potions.

Static Potions

  • These are potions with specifically defined names and effects.

Potion of Metacognition

description here

Potion of Powercraft

description here
  • Buffs power control skills, possibly others.
  • Lasts 10-15 minutes.

Potion of Spellcraft

description here

Potion of Linguistic Cunning

description here
  • Always Bright Pink.
  • Buffs 40 to all known language skills. 100 (double check this) to Lingustics. Possibly others.
  • Lasts 10-15 minutes.

Potion of Heroism

description here
  • Always Blood-Red.
  • Buff to all attributes, possibly other stuff.
  • Lasts about 1-5 minutes?

Power Potion

description here
  • Reward for completing The Power Potion Quest.
  • Can be imbibed regardless of diet.
  • Only works once per character. Subsequent Power Potions will have no effect.
  • Grants a massive boost to practically everything.
  • Very high awakening chance (chance to grant a talent) particularly for psychic races.
  • Lasts 1-2 hours?

Curan Potions

derpscription here
  • Do a writeup on these. I forget what they do or how good they are or if they've been nerfed since I last abused them.
  • There are like a bunch of varieties

Random Potions

Description here
  • The following potions come in many colors, none of which impact the potion's effect.
  • Many potions come in varying strengths.
Name Alters Range Found Bought Other
Personality +Ego Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Toughness +Vitality Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Nimbleness +Agility Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Brawn +Strength Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Insight +Perception Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Determination +Willpower Minor-Great Random n/a n/a
Growth +Size Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Shrinking -Size Minor-Great Random n/a n/a
Invigoration +Endurance Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Spirit Restoration +Spirit Minor-Great Random Liathyr n/a
Luckiness +Luck n/a Random Liathyr n/a
Contratoxicity Cure Poison n/a Random Liathyr n/a

Sanctuary Potions

These are silly. don't even bother.

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