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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

^~^~ The History of the Rebels of Syllyac ~^~^

In or around the year 540, the Rebels of Syllyac as they were originally conceived, had erected their headquarters within Syllyac itself, so as to better help and reach the oppressed populace within the decadent walls. Though the name of their leader is uncertain in these times, it was thought to perhaps be Feyd or Chislev, but little else is known. This is testament to how thoroughly the vlekthid eradicated the previous resistance -- that a mere twenty-five years later, even the names and identities of the previous brave fighters like Andrian and yourself have all but been forgotten.

The previous Rebels had utilized magick and an elaborate tunnel network in order to facilitate access throughout the Underdark and beyond, and this is thought to have been one of the reasons they were so readily discovered and ruthlessly murdered. They were simply too high-profile, too brazen, and in the end their excesses cost them their lives.

Andrian Kopra, the leader of the new resistance, is the son of one of the founding members, and discovered much of this during his efforts to uncover what happened to his father. In doing so, he became rightfully incensed by the truths he had uncovered, and it was this righteous, well-deserved rage that led him to re-form the Rebels of Syllyac and take up his father's cause. Though it is known that his father Kopri was not the leader of the rebellion, Andrian is often fond of sharing speculative tales of the heroics he must have committed before he, like his allies, met his untimely end.

The reality of what happened to the previous Rebels is indisputable -- when Andrian was searching for clues, he discovered what remained of their base, and that included the massive signs of devastation, fire, and the charred bones that were left in an unceremonious heap for decades, all with evidence of having had their skulls cracked open to feast upon the contents within, as is the wont of the vlekthids. It is for this reason that the current rebellion eschews such open displays of action and avoids expanding past the headquarters they have currently secured within Shadowmyrk. They will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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End of spoiler information.
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