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Atman created Sunday, July 6th, 2014.

Not a new player, I've played on and off for perhaps the last three years. My most notable incarnoi formerly went by the name of Cinna, and I played Lost Souls as Cinna around late 2012. I role play in-game.


Primary Incarnos

Celinare kair Nicisa

A female Losthavener dana, a former member of The Pantarchic Church of Yehovah, currently an Aliavelyr.


  • Kindhearted
  • Devoted
  • Friendly
  • Somewhat sarcastic
  • Cautious
  • Patient
  • Lively


At first, it had been Celinare's desire to join the Aisehsi, but at the time, she didn't have much money, and also had no way to get to Hanoma, as she couldn't swim or fly. She also had to learn Kyotsugo, which would've been a hard enough language alone, what with her own language being smooth and flowing, with the former being hard and choppy. So, she had set aside her desire, and instead focused on getting stronger with her long-time friend Ayla. The pair mostly made money by completing arbitrage opportunities, and on occasion they tried the thugs and pickpockets of LostHaven.

With her curiosity of the Aisenshi dwindling, Celinare was able to focus on other guilds - primary the Aliavelyrae. She knew the guild was close by, just inside of Valathyr, and that it cated solely to the elves. Interest found Celinare seeking out Celeborn, but the dana was turned away - though a good person at heart, it seemed it wasn't enough. Heartbroken, Celinare sought advice from various people - many of them told her that she could try her luck in Ranthos, where evil kobolds lurked. So, she went there, and found that the kobolds weren't terribly hard for her, at least, not if she picked them off one by one. She failed a few times - and she won't deny that. Celinare went through countless struggles to try and obtain the purity of heart needed to become one of the Elflords.

Yet... she succeeded, somehow. The others had all told her it simply wasn't worth it, but she'd refused to listen. The Aliavelyr called to her! Untainted by any evil or chaoticness, Celinare went back to Celeborn, who promptly accepted her into the Aliavelyr. The dana claimed a rapier from Celebrimbor, the smithy of Valathyr, as well as a hauberk and other armour pieces. Her first item enhanced was her rapier, and it has helped her become very strong.

What she focuses on now is helping her friend Ayla train as an Aisenshi, though the pair had gone through somewhat of a spat, the issue caused by Celinare. Even so, everything is all patched up; now the two women just need to make some money, which is still hard, though Celinare can now tackle the thugs of Halfmoon Bay.

Updated July 29th, 2014
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