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Brantiss's form shimmers oddly, then for the barest moment the space where
he was contains a terrible nothingness that gnaws at your mind like some kind
of infection that spreads through the eyes.  It is a great relief when
Brantiss reappears in the shape of an ordinary garou, displacing the awful

    You have been stunned.

    A silvery male garou warrior has been stunned.

    The black male garou warrior has been stunned.
    You are no longer keeping your chocolate peanut butter cup because it has been destroyed.

Wiki Cleanup Project

aka the great recent changes spamming initiative

something that should be moved out of userspace when it gets more fleshed out and less one-person-wiki-molestation


go left foot in, left foot out, left foot in, shake it all about; for hokey pokey do turn yourself around; say That's what it's all about!
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