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This is some stuff about Hellwalkers.



Be an urga!

Have demon blood!

Slaughter hellspawn!

Be angry at gods! For existing!


Demonic Abilities

  • This should explicitly mark you as having demon blood, but I have yet to try walking through the Uvmothog balrog's door.
  • These are powers of bloodlust (berserking), (temporary) astral perception, and blood healing.
  • Casting requires sight and two functioning hands, and healing or enraging require the target to have blood.

Affinity scaling

  • stuff scales in some way off your qlippotic/sephirotic/chaos/order affinity
  • how much SD you can have stolen from stuff
  • passive bonuses from killing eligible things
  • odds of lifesave
  • Warning: With Urgai's poor natural willpower and how many important skills compete for wil specs, investing much in these might do more harm than good.

Life Save

  • Your veins {{shifting scarlet}pulse with shifting scarlet energy}.
  • on death get fullhealed and randomly cnav port away a la old skilled Phoenix Rebirth
  • Slight to moderate chance based on how charged on hellspawn you are.

Stealing Supernal Durability

  • Punching something that has Supernal Durability with an eligible attack will debuff theirs and temporarily raise yours.
    • This can stack across hitting different things.
  • You can only hold so much stolen SD, after which you'll just have to settle for doing henosis damage.
    • How much you can hold scales with your affinities
  • Occasionally leaves unexpectedly soon

Passive Bonuses

  • Strength / Constitution / Willpower / Perception / Speed
  • Magnitude and maximum is based on your affinities and stuffing your kill log full of hellspawn.
  • buffs go up upon killing something eligible
  • buffs go down upon killing things and having them knock eligible things out of your kill log
    • occasionally drops out completely due to operation ordering shenanigans

Henosis damage to things with Supernal Durability

  • shreds things with messages of {{shifting scarlet}existentially erases} or {{shimmering}pulses}
  • if whatever it is has all its SD drained out then you go back to doing boring damage
  • requires the attack to be unarmed or using an eligible weapon
    • Dyad is amazing. It heals onhit when hitting something that has SD or that counts as hellspawn, and does the damage of a greataxe with double the armor pen and half the activity cost. Sadly it's also an extremely rare random load artifact.
    • the lzarawn-runed iron greataxe that can load on Ardlond in Shadow Tower hits hard, but is slow and slightly inaccurate. (And is just cutting damage against things without SD or that you've fully drained)
      • silvery-runed black steel greataxe that can load on warriors in Staavsgird is mostly identical
      • I've been told there's yet another randload equivalent but have never seen it myself.
    • I've heard that the special ono made by the Aligned form Hell and Heaven is really good.
      • I've heard there's a rare equivalent of this as a non-summon item, but again have never seen it myself.
    • Unarmed attacks including fancy limbs other than hands count, and don't care if you're wearing something over that limb. (though unarmed scaling weapons like knuckle dusters don't count)
      • Unarmed suffers from having no penetration (and weird drawbacks like deflecting with your hands often shredding them regardless of your armor).
      • Compared to the feasibly obtained greataxe: unarmed is somewhat more accurate, moderately less damaging, much faster (before repeat activity scaling catches up), and less problematic to have one hand disabled than if using a twohanded weapon.

Things To Hunt

  • Balrogs
  • Dakshina
  • Demons (the specific race)
  • Gogtzulu
  • N'keh-shubbu
  • Oni
  • Quasits
  • Rakshasas
  • Vlekthid
  • Ygelyeku

Probably more things.

Sample Buffs

    You are a competent second-degree possessor of supernal durability (37),
though you appear to be effectively functioning at an amazing level (252).

You are moving at enhanced speed from the effects of the otherworldly blood in your veins.
    Your speed is very fast (68).

/---------------- Attributes of Honoka -----------------\
| Attribute     Natural               Effective         |
| Strength      Good         [  61 ]  Unearthly [ 211 ] |
| Intelligence  Amazing      [ 150 ]                    |
| Constitution  Very High    [  80 ]  Unearthly [ 230 ] |
| Dexterity     Incredible   [ 130 ]                    |
| Willpower     Unearthly    [ 270 ]  Unearthly [ 450 ] |
| Charisma      Unimpressive [  40 ]                    |
| Perception    Prodigious   [ 110 ]  Unearthly [ 260 ] |


As a Hellwalker, your options are unusually limited. The main conflict is Hellwalker atheism, which forebears any devotional connection, which is a vast restriction in a world where gods regularly bestow boons to those who please them. Of the groups that remain uncommitted to a deity, many serve in some capacity as guards, and are thus unaccepting of your position as an outlaw. And some other odd conflicts exists, such as the Lightbringers forbidding any trace of qlippotic affinity.


Aisenshi are an effective choice, with martial devotion in unarmed or axe supporting full use of a Hellwalker's abilities. Aisenshi provide significant access to martial skills, and a respectable set of relevant bonus specialties. Their abilities are straightforward and powerful. With investment in the relevant skills Chi Shield becomes a potent defense against esoteric effects. The maneuvers also provide versatility as another source of esoteric damage on top of counting as unarmed attacks for hellwalker augmentation. Also, Combat Meditation potentially provides a powerful combat mode, but the specialty investment required to reliably use it is enormous.

Verynvelyrae provide bond access with wide range of interesting choices. They are unfortunately incompatible with WoV.

Zetesai provide bond access to a stranger selection, and are somewhat more flexible in affiliation compatibility than VV.


  • the Adventurer's Guild doesn't do anything, but it gives a giant spread of useful specialty access and comes with no restrictions.
  • Aligned provide access to various interesting and powerful spells and self-buffs, including the ability to summon a hellwalker-suitable ono. With the stats of an urga you'll have to be picky about which forms to get good at, and Aligned themselves come with little in the way of martial specialty access.
  • Brute Squad makes an interesting choice, though you'll have to be careful with some of the requirements getting set up.
  • Deep Whisperers is an even stranger take on bonds, if you've intro'd telepathy. Like telesmic skills, psionic skills are excluded from the skill bonuses from bonds, so urgai attributes are a similar problem here as they are with a magick guild.
  • Ordo Ignis Aeternis allow you into their membership, but with an urga's attributes you'll likely have difficulty becoming an effective spellcaster. They also now have a hellwalker-suitable axe construction, but if it's unchanged from the OVG version that it got moved from (aside from swapping out cryomer for pyrax), then it just takes a large telesmic skill investment to summon a low quality greataxe mostly equivalent to Ardlond's. You'll also have to make do with OIA combat spec access (such as no guild specs in axe).
  • Ordo Verbus Glacialis allow you into their membership, but with an urga's attributes you'll likely have difficulty becoming an effective spellcaster.

Other Other:

  • Ringwielders can be joined, but as soon as your immateriality progresses enough to gain anhumouricity, you explode into a mess of acid and not-a-hellwalker-anymore, which completely defeats the point. (December 2017)


being a member of the Attuned is required to join, and even if you could leave them all of the destroyer/fanatic/erisian affils that were blocked by the Attuned would remain blocked by Hellwalkers due to also being devotional (except Kazarak).

The Explorers are great, and you should be an Explorer. It costs a Literacy spec, and gives several bonus specialties including an awareness point required for Attuned. You're already a wanderer as part of being a Hellwalker, and I'm not aware of the Writer category actually coming with any restrictions. And you get some quality of life bonus specialties and token access in fieldcrafts and some vit skills. So.. join the explorers! (Or don't. I can't force you.)

Hank's Garbage Thondur lets you turn junk into an slowly growing spread of skill bonuses which scale in strength with Garbology, and some odd abilities based on Ooze Affinity.

Wandslingers have moderate specialty requirements in exchange for progression which gives various bonuses which usually outweigh the cost, and the bonus specialties make WoV requirements slightly less painful. Plus you get to pew pew with wands.

Weapons of Vengeance have a steep 12 specialties required to join, though half of them are worth having a point or two anyway. In return they can provide specialty access in all those hard to acquire vit skills that make dying a thing of the past. Oh and you can put runes on your gear to make it fancier, and on your body to do magick retributive damage. With high skill investment the retribution damage can be tuned to different types, and various other nifty abilities become accessible. A strong contender later on, if solely for the near immediate access to an regeneration and more supernal durability. Sadly they forbid empathy and lock your introspection at the single point already required by attuned.


  • Brotherhood of Wine and Song is joinable, though you'll probably need to buff your ego to join. The 1 carousing required is a point you should probably have anyway, but your discipline will locked at the 1 required for Attuned and you'll take on a whole new set of weirdly exclusive association typings in exchange for questionably useful specialty access.
  • Crafty Linguists let you get good at language, though once you've intro'd everything with Janid there's not much reason to stay.
  • Maidens of the Spear only accepts women, requires 2 spear specs, and limits other weapons to spec 2. In exchange you get small bonuses to various combat skills. (post-nerf they're mainly a flavor choice)
  • Wardens 90% explicitly volunteering to help newbies. 0.5% surprise special travelers challenges.

Not Tested:

  • Rebels of Syllyac, mildly useful access in exchange for somewhat pointless required specialties.
  • Kazarzeth are probably not worth the hassle while getting in the way of applying Hellwalker attack effects, though there's the upside of having an unbreakable weapon glued to you.
  • Glomerates are probably allowed, and only require a wil spec, but takes rather significant investment in being a caster to get the useful spells online.

The Big List of Things You Can't


  • Aedarene (devotional)
  • Aliavelyrae (devotional)
  • Battleragers (devotional)
  • Coven (racist)
  • Devonshire Clerics (devotional)
  • Equites Serpentina (guard)
  • Erisian Liberation Front (devotional)
  • Hantaka (devotional)
  • Justicars of Axa (devotional)
  • Kazarak (destroyer)
  • Knights of the Round Table (devotional)
  • Lightbringers (forbid qlippotic affinity)
  • Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris (attuned incompat)
  • the Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric (devotional)
  • Reapers (devotional)
  • Shapeshifters (conspecific)
  • Shemsu Sutekh (devotional)
  • Travelers (devotional)
  • Tzakazhar (devotional)
  • Warbreakers (racist)


  • Agnihotri (devotional)
  • Chosen of Vashanka (devotional)
  • Cuar Faernae (require fey blood)
  • Cult of Decay (devotional)
  • Deep Ones (devotional)
  • Apollonian Disciples (devotional)
  • Fianna (break if not an expected race)
  • Gatherers (devotional)
  • Ghaunadauri (devotional)
  • Haruspices (devotional)
  • Gauric Legion (anti-athiest)
  • Hawkmen (guard)
  • Hethar Karad (devotional)
  • Inducted (forbid sephirotic affinity)
  • the Legion of Dynamic Discord (devotional)
  • Losthaven Guard (guard)
  • Mhezlekai (devotional)
  • Ollin Tonatiuh (devotional)
  • Pantarchic Church of Yehovah (devotional)
  • Questors of Axa (devotional)
  • Shadow Brethren (devotional)
  • Sodality of the Nine-Spoked Wheel (devotional)
  • Stalkers of the Gate (neutral)
  • Steel Serpents (guard)
  • Storm Walkers (conspecific)
  • Synodia Lykouros (devotional)
  • Synousia Algesis (devotional)
  • Ygellethites (devotional)
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