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[OOC Zak] I wouldn't mess with Xao unless I had an orbital order cannon gunship superweapon.
Name Xaolyn, Discordian Holy Name "Madame Butterfly Effexor"
Birth date Unknown
Guild POEE, Erisian Liberation Front
Associations Collegium Magistrorum
Sex Female.
Race Serentyll
Occupation Weird Discordian Thingy
Status Idle
Level 78
Alignment Chaotic
Sexuality Jungian Archetype
Birthplace Freehold, allegedly.
Hobbies Being surreal and colorful, Discordianism, dreamstuff.
Adventuring Company
Adventuring company (Dis)Ordo Demens Illuminates
Position Master of None
Height Surprisingly Tallish
Weight Light
Skin Chaotic
Hair Double Rainbow
Eyes Rainbow
Wings Green and Pink

Xaolyn is Xaolyn, whatever Xaolyn is is either chaotic, eldritch, or maybe both. What secrets does this little weirdo hold? Probably a lot of them.

Xaolyn's Help!

Xaolyn's got a bunch of helpful responses for certain commands, which are as follows!

[baste xaolyn] makes her quote!

[blink xaolyn] makes her use a charm on you that lets you see in the dark!

[burp xaolyn] makes her provide a pair of familiars if they're not already hanging out with her, and also makes her invoke dionysos, getting everyone in the room drunk, great for brutes, celebrant challenges, or just getting stonkered. In doing so, however, you will also get temporarily telepathically connected to from her. If for whatever reason, the celebrant finds this unacceptable, [hiccup xaolyn] will produce identical results but without the telepathic connection.

[cry xaolyn] causes her to heal you using chaos channeling, both healing hp, and restoring limbs! This gets her XP, so using it would be nice.

[ding xaolyn] illuminates you! This gives some nice mental attribute buffs, makes you glow, and might give you a wild talent, if you're lucky.

[gasp xaolyn] will allow you to breathe underwater for a time, or if you're for some reason, aquatic, will let you breathe air!

[grok xaolyn] gets you the discordian date! Which is the real true calendar of course.

[marinate xaolyn] makes her spew out some random colorful gibberish, yay!

[spaz xaolyn] will make her use the harmonist talent on you, for fixing mental disorders, fixing damaged wild talents, or restoring spirit in a pinch!

[warble xaolyn] also restores spirit, but in a larger burst and using a different energy source, it's for kazarak, to help them stay full of that tasty spirit.

more are forthcoming, maybe!

Image:Xaolynandfriends.png Xaolyn and her familiars. (Picture done by Benerius)

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