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Crusading bands of heroes, packs of evil marauders, teams of exploring sages, gatherings of like-minded wanderers: adventuring companies. These are groups, formed for the common advancement of their members, which offer permanence and a variety of benefits to their members.

Every adventuring company has a name which bespeaks its nature, purpose, or other information. Examples from the past include the Steel Fist Company, led by Thorrin, the future Lord Protector of Kolond; Ashe's Armsmasters, a doughty band of adventurers, Brutes, and Battleragers; the Circle of Crimson, an elite cadre of marauders formed by parties unknown to engineer the downfall of Camelot; and the company the destroyed them, the Sword of Light, a frantic gathering-together of Knights of the Round Table, Lupines, and clerics of Torm and Gaia.

An adventuring company is in some ways like a group, in that a portion of its members' experience is divided between them. A company is not dissolved when its members disincarnate, however. If other members of your company adventure while you are disincarnated, you will receive your share of the experience the next time you incarnate.

Each company also has an alignment, representing the ideals which it strives for. The experience one receives through an adventuring company is affected by how close your alignment is to its. In addition, if your ethics are too far from its alignment, you may not be able to join; this depends on how permissive the company is of divergent alignments.

Adventuring companies are maintained through the Adventurer's Guild. Each guildhall has a different range of alignments which it will permit in companies based there, generally based on the mores of the local populace. A company should therefore choose its base of operations carefully. The company's home guildhall is also where its company coffers are maintained, this being a store of gold which all members may draw upon at need.

By joining an adventuring company, the adventurer accepts the authority of the company's leader. Company members will automatically follow verbal commands from the company leader. Therefore, you should only join a company led by someone you trust. If you are a company leader, see 'help followers' for information on commanding company members.


To form a new adventuring company with yourself as the leader, go to any Adventurer's Guild and 'propose company'. Instructions will follow. In order for the company to actually be formed, at least two of the people whom you will be required to name as co-founders will have to ratify its creation, and then it will need to be approved by a senior developer. It will also auto-approve if a senior developer can't be found.

A company may not have more than eight members, counting the leader, and one must be at least level 10 in order to found one.

To ratify the creation of an adventuring company which you have been invited to co-found, go to any Adventurer's Guild and 'ratify <company name>'.

If you change your mind about these things, 'withdraw proposal' or 'withdraw ratification'.

To use your company coffers, 'deposit <amount>' and 'withdraw <amount>' at the Adventurer's Guild where your company is headquartered. 'company balance' can be used to determine the contents of your coffers at any Guild. To see your company's recent transaction history, use 'company transactions'.

To see a list of companies headquartered at a given Adventurer's Guild, 'company list' there. For a list of proposals being made there, 'proposal list'.

To invite someone to join an approved adventuring company, use the command 'company invite <person>' at any Adventurer's Guild. To remove someone from your company, 'company expel <person>'. Only the company leader may do this.

The company leader may also revoke an active invitation by using the command 'company revoke <person>', and can transfer the leadership of the company to another member by using the command 'company transfer <person>'.

To join a company you have been invited into, 'join <company>' at its home guildhall.

To leave a company, 'company resign' at any Adventurer's Guild.

If a company ever shrinks to a leader only, with no members, it will be automatically disbanded and the contents of its coffers kept by the Guild.

Companies have a communication channel accessed with the command 'advcompany'.

PC Adventuring Companies

The Band of Traveling Kobolds

The Order of Darkness Ascendant

The Dawn of Light

The Black Wind of Esartur

Brutes Beholden

White Cross of Gaia

Moon Chasers

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Adventurer's Guilds by Alignment

Locations and Landmarks Evil-Good Chaos-Order
Et'zlaerhi cruel-empathic spontaneous-patterned
Halfmoon Bay malicious-charitable individualistic-undisciplined
Hanoma cruel-saintly neutral-ordered
Kolond cruel-empathic disciplined-patterned
Losthaven selfish-kind carefree-honorable
Og despicable anarchistic
Othrys apathetic-charitable chaotic-ordered
Ranthos wicked-apathetic spontaneous-carefree
Sanctuary despicable-neutral anarchistic-neutral
Shadowmyrk cruel-purehearted innovative-responsible
Shatterspire apathetic-kind lawful-ordered
Fort Shantaari kind-neutral
Thistlewood kind-purehearted neutral-innovative
Togrek demonic-charitable uninhibited-lawful
Valathyr kind-beatific uninhibited-honorable
Xi Feng Ming demonic-selfish individualistic-undisciplined
Yathryn diabolical-selfish neutral-scrupulous
Gurbodax diabolical ordered
Vargan selfish-kind carefree-honorable
End of spoiler information.
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