Amphiptere (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

Amphipteres seem to require at least 60 theology to bond.

To bond to one, you will likely need to join an association that gives theology access: Agnihotri, or another association one.

Known Abilities

The amphiptere is a winged, flying snake that can be found in Tetlacana, specifically in Tlaxcala. It is truly an immense creature, with a body normally over three dimins thick and fifty-seven or more dimins long. It is a terrifying opponent, with a poison spit attack and enormous bite. It requires air to breathe, has a carnivorous diet and can see in the dark. It is an excellent mount.

Attribute Modifications

An Amphiptere consort receives a large modifier to their Constitution equal to 75% of their bond strength, a moderate modifier to their Dexterity and Perception equal to 50% of their bond strength, and a small modifier to their Intelligence and Willpower equal to 25% of their bond strength.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
riding 16 75 + 10% base
theology 16 75 + 10% base
hardiness 12 60
introspection 12 60
meditation 12 60
mounted combat 12 60
poetry 12 60
arcane lore 8 40
history 8 40
legend lore 8 40
precision strike 8 40
stamina 8 40
elder lore 4 20
killer instinct 4 20
metamorphosis 4 20
qlippotic lore 4 20
recuperation 4 20
regeneration 4 20
rune lore 4 20
supernal durability 4 20
divination 3 none
metasenses 3 none
swimming 3 none
translocation 3 none


Amphipteres are majestic creatures, and confer to their consort the ability to tame other amphipteres.

Shortly after:

At "somewhat frail" bond strength:

at resilient

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Bond Failure Message

You sense that the huge black-winged green-scaled serpent is attempting to
reciprocate the bond but is unable to communicate something about itself to
you -- something fundamental, sacrosanct, and very old.
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