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Bartender Cassady, a proprietor of Halfmoon Bay's oldest tavern, Terrapin Station.

This is a male human with tan skin, gray-streaked red hair, and green
eyes.  Cassady is an affable man who appears to be about forty years old. 
He's abnormally tall for a human, and he seems to have adopted a slight slouch
almost as if to compensate.  His green eyes sparkle with mirth, and a
perpetually good-natured grin hangs lopsidedly across his tanned face.  His
unruly red hair and beard are streaked with gray.  He's dressed simply in a
loose-fitting linen shirt,  baggy trousers, and worn leather sandals.  
    He looks about eighteen and a half dimins tall, five and seventeen
twentieths dimins wide, and one and nine twentieths dimins front to back.  
    He is in good shape.
Bartender Cassady says, ~You won't find anywhere quite like Terrapin Station anywhere in Almeria.~
Bartender Cassady says, ~The Ganja Gods are our patron saints.~
Bartender Cassady says, ~If you want to know about our history, just ask.~
Bartender Cassady asks, ~Do you know Uncle Jerry?~
Bartender Cassady takes a toke from his joint.
Bartender Cassady whistles cheerfully.
Bartender Cassady polishes a glass.
Bartender Cassady takes a sip of his beer.
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