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This is a chisel made of steel. The quality of its craftsmanship is excellent. Intricate runework adorns its handle. You recognize this as a chisel of shattering. These peculiar items are often sought by alchemists wishing to turn gemstones into powder for their experiments. However, this particular chisel has been imbued with too much destructive power and thus will completely disintegrate most gems. It is permeated by a dim shimmering radiance. It is in perfect condition. It looks about a twentieth of a dimin wide and three and three twentieths dimins long. It weighs about a hundredth of a dekan. You appraise it at three hundred sixty-nine gold.


  • Diamar does not drop the chisel if you kill him - you need to ask him politely.
  • The chisel will shatter almost any object with the "brittle", "crystal", or "stone" properties (and possibly others).
    • Includes items such as Wandslinger runes of the keeper, most gems, rune traps in Tenereth's Rest, etc...
  • If wielded and used against a creature, will shatter any eligible items carried by that creature.
  • The chisel is obtained as part of the Restless Dead quest. It can be turned into Runehand at the end of the quest to trigger his offer to create items from the shards of the onyx in Necrolak's chamber.
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