Chronodiptera (Empathic Bond)

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Known Abilities

   This is a huge fly with violet-mottled black chitin and glowing purple
   compound eyes.  You recognize her as a chronodiptera, a fly-like creature with
   a weird inborn relationship with time, being able to use it as a weapon and
   summon others of its kind -- or possibly itself -- through time, but being so
   naturally short-lived as to be highly vulnerable to chronal effects itself.  
   She looks about one and three twentieths dimins long, two fifths of a
    dimin wide, and two fifths of a dimin tall.

They destroy any remains near them if left in the room for more than a second or two with some. This is presumably their method of feeding, or perhaps a way for them to regain SPs, or both. They have at least one point of night vision. They have an aging discharge attack.

Attribute Modifications

Zetesai who have formed an empathic bond with a chronodiptera receive small bonuses to their Agility, Willpower, Ego and Perception.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Aging Reversal 16 75 + 10% base
History 16 75 + 10% base
Escape 14 70
Recuperation 12 60
Fast Talk 9 45
Channeling 8 40
Chronophrasty 8 40
Spelunking 8 40
Telesmatic Weapon 8 40
Somatesthesia 7 35
Flight 5 25
Climbing 4 20
Politics 4 20
Stamina 4 20
Centering 2 none
Sky Fieldcraft 2 none


Middle-late fairly healthy


Additional Bonuses

Twilight has said chronodiptera consorts can achieve a 300 modifier to Speed with a completed bond. While this won't equal 330+ speed, it will raise it massively, most definitely beyond ninety at a completed bond.

While bonded to one, the Zetesai in question obtains a bonus to Luck, dependant on bond strength.

Additional Powers

Somewhat Frail

  • Ball of Gray Light

An aging attack that gains attack rating from telesmatic weapon and several other skills, as well as some stats.

Nearly Complete

  • Beam of Gray Light

Similar to ball of gray light, appears to use the same ratings, but has a smaller activity cost.

Also appears to have a displacement effect that teleports the target somewhere else in the room. Very rarely, it may teleport a specific limb.

You point with your right hand, and a beam of time leaps toward the dark red female rhax and ages her head.
The dark red female rhax's head glows with shimmering light and disappears.
The dark red female rhax's head is amputated.
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