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A brief document on the early history of Lost Souls written by its founder, Almior, circa 1995:

Lost Souls started in 1990 when a group of wizards associated through Krynn
(defunct, previously at UIUC), who were homeless but not yet tired of mudding
decided to open their own mud.  The new mud was founded by Almior, Loviatar,
Bectile, Gara, Illtron, Trent, Sionell and Crylos, all of Krynn.  Later,
Badger, Jessalyn and Covenant joined the parade, also being wizards or
high-ranking players from Krynn who expressed a willingness to code areas on a
new Mud.  Also, from time to time the God of Krynn, Raistlin, stopped in on the
fledgling mud, to lend his experience running a mud to the newbie god Almior.

Lost Souls started anew on an out-of-the package 2.4.5 mudlib.  The new mud
started with a limb-oriented combat system which was more-or-less unique to
Lost Souls (the code was definately unique), and a few new areas (including
Losthaven and the main map) and a bunch of areas which were imported from Krynn
(Trent's Centaur Isle, Crylos' Cloud City and Gara's Hobgoblin Caves).

Over the years the mudlib changed, and with our newest arch wizard,
a new era was begun.  Many of the older arch wizards had left, to be
remembered in song and story, and when Chaos joined the ranks of the
senior coders in 1993, he put fire in the veins of the older arches to get the
mudlib really up to speed.  Several mudlib rewrites were the result,
and after the first major overhaul, the mudlib was completely stripped
and rewritten and dubbed to be LSlib 1.0.

Since that time, under the diligence and creativity of Chaos, Almior,
Crylos, Fixy, Kyrandia and others the mud has more slowly evolved to
what you see today.

Also of note:

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