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This article is about the eishund creature. For eishundir as empathic bonded familiars, see Eishund (Empathic Bond).

   Rarity: Exotic
   Plural: Eishundir
   Collective Term: a pack of eishundir
   Anatomy: Quadruped
   Harm Skills:
       Animal Lore  44%
       Farming      44%
       Anatomy      11%
No specific help is available for this race.

Sample description

This is a female eishund with white fur and pale blue eyes.  A tapered
silvery cryomer spike protrudes from the fur on each of her legs.  Natives of
the elemental plane of ice, these creatures can endure the coldest of
temperatures and thrive in harsh wintery weather.  She sparkles with a huge
faintly shimmering pale blue dweomer aura.  She is permeated by a dim watery
radiance.  Her left foreleg and left forepaw are each marked by a scar.  
   She looks about sixteen and a half dimins long, four and three twentieths
dimins wide, and eight and three tenths dimins tall.  


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