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Lallander's Exciting Page of Event Related Stuff

Add ideas for things you would like to see in events here. Please list them under your name.



- Armitage is seeking to expand the Cimbran libraries' holdings. Help him find the rare tomes that he is seeking.

- Kham and his warg riders find a most dangerous device on a raid. Help the orcs dispose of it before it destroys Togrek.

- Lacantius returns to Prime and visits Amon Tyrice. The Kazarzeth see an opportunity for revenge.

- Curan has been kidnapped and the Deck of Changes scattered. Can he be found and his deck be safely recovered?

- A rare and tenuous truce between Chaos and Order has been declared to free some Shadow Tower prisoners.

- An elder god mysteriously appears deep in the Losthaven sewers. Can it be sent back before the town is ransacked?


-For Arena contest: We all climb into Sentinel suits that work independent of attributes, skills, etc. and battle Robot Jox style.


  • For Arena:
    • Have weight classes, like in boxing, with multiple titles and rewards accordingly. It's fairly easy to know that a lowbie cannot take on a level 300+ and win. There are more than enough offices that require you to be the vanguard of that niche without creating another.
    • Make everyone incapable of using potions, or have a maximum of 1 or 2.
    • Ban anti-magick fields.


- Lost Haven and all the other cities are under attack, buy a overwhelming Dark Force, all is known that its residing in the Palace in Lost Haven, players must team up to kill said Force's minions in all the towns over Chimbra first, then group up with the help of Yehovah to kill the monster that resides in our homeland.

Kivuli (Atman Kex)

-The sentient flame that the Ordo Ignis Aeternis has imprisoned has broken free of its pocket plane prison onto the Prime plane. After years (?) of being fed by the spell Burnt Offerings, it has only grown stronger. Find a way to re-imprison or defeat it. (search for tomes that will aid in its downfall or simple fighting. Either one works.)

-Sentient flame is: During one of the many scrying missions upon the Plane of Fire, a form of sentient flame was discovered. Using a combination of magicks, this being was brought forth to the Prime. Once it fully materialized, it began rampaging, treating the entire plane as a fuel source to be consumed. Seeking to rectify this mistake, the elders of Ordo Ignis Aeternis first attempted to destroy this creature, but since it was immune to even their strongest spells, they imprisoned this creature in a pocket dimension that was being researched for a completely different purpose.

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