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[ Grouping ]

Grouping allows several players to band together and share the experience gained while grouped. There are no level restrictions on grouping, but in order to prevent cheating, players with more experience receive a greater share of what the group gains. So a level 35 hero might group with a level 2 newbie, but the newbie would receive very little experience from the group.

By joining a group, adventurers accept the authority of the group leader, and verbal commands given by the group leader will automatically be obeyed by group members. So if your character has valuable resources, you should be careful only to join a group led by someone you trust. To stop following a group leader's commands, leave the group. If you are a group leader, see 'help followers' for information on commanding group members.

While you are grouped, all experience you gain is redistributed through your group, and the portion you actually receive is proportional to your stature within the group. (Any experience due to be distributed through your adventuring company is taken out before the group distribution.) Only group members in the same room receive experience from the group.

The commands involved in grouping follow (* means group leader only). For specific details on the commands, read the help files on each. See also the file 'help leadership' on the leadership skill.

       create group                    Start a new group with you as leader.
       display group                   Show the members of your group.
       join <person>'s group           Join a group (if you've been invited).
       leave group                     Leave your group (disband if leader).
     * invite <person>                 Invite someone into your group.
     * revoke <person>'s invitation    Changed your mind?
     * expel <person> from group       Get rid of someone.
     * transfer group to <person>      Transfer group leadership.

See also adventuring companies.

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