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This is a relatively common question new players ask. You may notice a theme to the answers.


Do Traveler Challenges

Traveler characters can provide Challenges which often include (extremely large amounts of) money as a reward. If you've never killed anything on your character, you will be guaranteed to get pacifist-capable challenges which do not require killing, which can make for a great way to explore the world while also making meaningful progress on your character.

Kill Stuff and Take Their Gold

This is a terrible way to make money, really. Most creatures carry very little in the way of coinage; there are far faster ways to turn a talent for corpsification into cash.

Kill Stuff and Take Their Stuff

A vast step up from the previous method, killing creatures and looting their bodies for other objects is much more lucrative. Baldwin, Citrina, and various other shopkeepers will give a good price for slightly used merchandise, which they doubtless sell right back to the former owners after their resurrection. The major element of this step is quantity over quality; most shopkeepers have a maximum per purchase spending limit. Coincidingly, the challenge is to find a way of storing the vast quantities of scrap metal to haul it to the shop.

Kill Stuff and Take Their Parts

This can get you into the big bucks. The Mortician will pay premium for rare bodies and parts, especially things he's low on. If you've got the more common sort of corpses, try the butcher Emilio in Losthaven; he doesn't pay as well, but he'll buy in bulk.

Haunt Kill Zones

The only slightly ghoulish tradition of carrion-picking means making rounds to popular targets for high-level players and scooping up whatever's left. A few common targets are Fort Shantaari, Shatterspire, and Et'zlaerhi, but asking around will find you more.

Ask Other Players

Using some combination of methods like these, some high level players are swimming in gold. Begging for handouts all the time won't make you friends, but people generally expect newbies to ask for money and are usually well-disposed to give it to them.

Sacrifice Stuff to Eris

This is pretty hit-or-miss, but you can sometimes get a nice pile of gold on a valuable item -- more than you could get from a shopkeeper, anyway.

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