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  • article about mysterious vials full of delightfully infusy fluid
  • link to the concept of Infusion or Item Infusion, whichever makes more sense? I don't know.
  • After used, leaves behind a vial which will break immediately if thrown, which is good and doesn't leave litter lying around.
  • Acquisition information


Description here
  • Chaos infuses things to an extent.
  • Can be imbibed.
  • Related to Paraxos in an interesting way (i.e., increases damage reduction).


    This small, stoppered vial is filled with a golden liquid.  The liquid 
is melosia, a mercurial substance brewed so as to unload a pulse of ordered 
energy into any item that it is poured on, hopefully with the result of 
permanently enchanting the object.  The process is far from being as certain 
as an enchantment guided by an controlling intelligence; its portable and ad 
hoc nature makes it unpredictable at best. Nonetheless its ease of use makes 
it a valued item among the friends of order.  Though extremely poisonous, 
individuals especially enjoying the favour of order have been known to 
consume it to augment themselves for demanding tasks -- generally with 
potent antivenoms or healers close at hand.  
   It looks about one dimin on a side.  It weighs about four and eleven 
twentieths dekans.
  • Order infuses things to an extent.
  • Can be imbibed.
  • Other interesting effects?


This is a small, stoppered glass vial containing a large measure of
ezithric, a special preparation of urgyras, the esoteric silvery metal 
from which tarixai, weapons of the Courts of Chaos, are forged.  When 
ezithric is poured on a tarix, the weapon will absorb the material and 
undergo enhancements to its capabilities.  Every tarix, being the 
idiosyncratic weapon that it is, has its own capacity for how much 
ezithric it can absorb effectively; past that point, the weapon will cease 
to become more potent from this treatment.  Though one can theoretically 
drink ezithric, it is rarely recommended, since while some of its mixed 
effects are positive, it is also a very powerful poison.  It has a few 
thin streamers of shimmering haze and a few thin wisps of pulsing chaotic 
glow within and around it.  You estimate its value at about five thousand 
one hundred gold.  
   It looks about one dimin on a side.  It weighs about seven and seven
twentieths dekans.
  • Related to Tarixai in an interesting way.
  • Can be imbibed.
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