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The jing shen is a creature hidden in a reality distortion native to the exoma, and is a dangerous combatant that's more than capable of displacing your limbs with contact from its vague center. They're small, intangible, have wingless flight, do not breathe or eat, and see with paravision.


You experience feelings of mysteriousness, enlightenment, secretiveness, and self-reflection.
You experience visions of infinite reflections and scattered scenes of distant places.


You experience a staggering cacophony of images within your mind reflecting an innumerable number of scenes and images,  which you dimly sense are significant and connected in some way, but you are unable to discern the underlying message.

Note: This failure message is a generic message and not related to any specific skill. The message has appeared even with relatively high metaphysics (292), philosophy (212), and introspection (180), then raising sword to 95 and discipline to 181 allowed bonding. The message also appeared with Introspection & Metaphysics around 40, Sword at 106, and Discipline at 159, then raising Introspection to 147 and Metaphysics to 70 allowed bonding.


  • Introspection (I was at 142 when I bonded.)
  • Metaphysics (I was at 70 when I bonded.)
  • Other possibilities are Sword, Philosophy, Discipline. (Confirmed lows while still successfully bonding are 95, 156, & 159, respectively, though Philosophy may not be necessary and Discipline may not need to be nearly as high. All other minimums met, a different character was able to bond with 138 Philosophy and 108 Discipline)

Attribute Modifiers

I have the will chakra so my estimate isn't adequate. Will give it a better generalized order of which gains the most to which gains the least once I manage to lose the chakra.

Skill Effects

  • Others yet to be determined

Added Specialty Access Upon Bonding


Fairly Healthy




Special Attacks

Fairly Healthy (Late)


Very Deep (midway through)

  • Disrupt Image (Spatial disruption damage, which may be space + chaos?) I'm not sure if it's something else, but it's almost definitely clingy force damage.



Initially the jing shen grants the following charms:

  • Urge
  • Social Charms
  • The ability to manifest a mirror shard slashing weapon w/ quality that increases with bond strength (you must re-visualize to see changes.) To do this, visualize a shard of a mirror reflecting my inner self [in the shape of a/an <cutting weapon>]. To end the effects of this charm, visualize a darkening mirror fading to nothingness. (I'm not sure what determines what weapons you can make, but I couldn't make some of the weirder ones -- it just said I didn't know how. :/ Maybe it's based off weapon lore or something? Also, if you put things in your mirror weapon they end up in your microcosm. You can also take them out of there through the weapon.)

Shortly after:

At "somewhat frail":

At "fairly healthy":

At "very healthy":

Midway through "robust":

  • The ability to analyze one's surroundings. To do this, visualize my surroundings as a set of abstract symbols. (acts like using the command survey with a panoramicon)

At "Deep":

Midway through "Very Deep":

At "Nearly Complete":

Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but a couple things about the best mirror buddy ever:

  • Jing shen have a discharge attack that is based off the consort's affinities.
  • Sometime around deep I started getting the message " You sense alice resonating with your very being and drawing on your body and spirit to defend you." occasionally while in combat. Daww.
  • You can't summon weapons or use any of the charms granted by the bond in an antimagic field, including the mirror-weapon combat maneuvers. Keep in mind distort image is more powerful the more temporal resistance something has, so mirror buddy is also a great bez/Blue/godslayer. :D
    • Note: After change #7473 this is not true anymore, it just negates temporal resistance. Still pretty good though. -- Zygefgh
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