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         [ = Kaonfar = ]
    /|     [ Type                    : ] passive defense
   / |     [ Description             : ] adaptive resistance
--~  |     [ Significance            : ] extreme
     |     [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] none
  |  /     [ Control Skills          : ] six parts power tuning,
  |-~                                    four parts alchemy, four parts armour use,
  |                                      three parts power focusing, three parts power generation,
                                         and one part power direction
           [ Specialty Access        : ] armour use degree II access,
                                     and alchemy degree I access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] rune lore skill of 90 or higher
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] has completed the Power Potion Quest
                                      or has completed the Destruction of the Three

The rune kaonfar grants one's Ring of Power a unique and potent capability, that of providing adaptive resistance. What this means is that every time harm is inflicted on you, your Ring of Power will perceive this and, if possible, shift the power of this rune to provide resistance against the variety of damage inflicted; the more powerful the attack, the more rapidly the rune will act. The manner in which the rune's energy needs are met is unusual; energy is drawn from you every time the total amount of protection the rune is providing increases, which effectively means that taking damage in combat will drain you of spiritual energy until the rune is acting at its maximum capacity. When no damage has occurred for a while, the rune will gradually 'stand down', reducing its overall resistance provided and returning to you some of the energy it had been using.

The 'stand down' appears to not be a gradual but rather a hard drop to your regular resistance and it appears to be happen about ~3 minutes after you are done taking damage from said source.
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