Pikrosphaera (Empathic Bond)

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You experience feelings of skittishness, desperation, pleasantness, and reciprocity.
You experience visions of bones, blades, and a hypnotic rune.



This is a perfect sphere of quartz with a round sapphire inset into its anterior and several dangerous-looking blades protruding from it dorsally and ventrally, and laterally left and right. It hovers in the surrounding air. You recognize it as a pikrosphaera, an extraordinarily rare denizen of the Exoma. Little is known about pikrosphaera history or ecology as they are difficult to observe: they are very shy and very dangerous. It has been conjectured based on their material composition that they have some relationship with the kazar. It looks about one and a half dimins across. It is in good shape.

Pikrosphaerae are extremely tough physical combatants, hard to hit and with significant physical resistances, and some esoteric resistances as well (e.g. Magickal). They are very accurate with their natural cutting attacks and do very high damage. They fly, do not breathe, and do not have night vision.


You need to first bond with a Kazarzeth weapon, which of course requires you to get to level 15 first. Pikrosphaera will run away rather quickly upon finding one in Exoma, so bond fast. They seem to emerge when there are remains laying about -- for reasons that will become more apparent once you bond with one.

NB: Although pikrosphaerae appear in Exoma, since they flee to a random exit, it is usually worthwhile to also check the Exoma exits that lead out of the plane (use 'look {direction}').

Skill Bonuses







  • The ability to determine what types of blood a kazarzeth blade is thirsty for. To do this, concentrate on learning what my kazarzeth blade thirsts for.
  • Urge

Shortly after:

Somewhere in "somewhat frail":

At the middle of "fairly healthy" bond strength:

  • The ability to sate and discipline, after a fashion, a kazarzeth blade. This charm draws heavily on the metabolic processes of its associated familiar, though with practice this drain can be reduced. To do this, will my kazarzeth blade to calm itself.

At complete bond strength:

  • The ability to separate yourself from a bond with a kazarzeth blade. Use of this charm will result in the severance of the bond with its associated familiar, as well as the destruction of the kazarzeth blade. To do this, concentrate on separating myself from my kazarzeth blade.


You link your anthropic mind with Lattice's animal one. Both your black eyes and Lattice's sapphire shimmer weakly for a brief moment. You stare intently at your crystal longsword. The crystal longsword vibrates for a moment, and you feel an mild resistance arising from it, followed by a strange confusion, and then a flood of information: the crystal longsword thirsts for the blood of lothari, drow, imps, humans, danaan, kentauroi, minotauroi, Amberites, aviar, hrimthyursar, invae, quessae, rachnei, kiellethae, chaosborn, fomori, ogres, adveni, rhaxa, and garou, thirsts strongly for the blood of thondur, dioracts, slaan, svirfneblin, faeries, skaven, duergar, slaadi, goblins, trolls, urlnu, vlekthid, gnomes, and sleestak, does not want the blood of kedethim, raktorak, sekh, phaethon, or dragons, and detests the blood of domandanur, yeti, or gogtzulu.


Takes about 450 SP. Trains krystallaturgy enough to get trained by the same individual again, possibly other skills, too.

You link your anthropic mind with Blades's animal one.
Both your green eyes and Blades's sapphire sparkle softly for a brief moment.
You stare intently at your kazarilin broadsword.
The kazarilin broadsword writhes for a moment, and you feel an intense resistance arising from it, followed by a strange confusion, and then something akin to stillness and acceptance.
Blades tilts slightly and drifts a bit downwards, giving the impression of being tired.


Very early in the bond's progression, the Aphobia trait is granted. NB: this prevents the training of the Courage skill.

1 point of Regrowth granted at resilient.


Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.
   You concentrate on separating yourself from your kazarzeth blade.
   You link your mind with Spur's animal one.
   Both your iridescent eyes and Spur's earthy sapphire shine intensely for a brief moment.
   You stare intently at your kazarilin dagger.
   Spur's earthy sapphire begins to pulsate with dazzling colors.
   You feel an intense panic arising from the kazarilin dagger.
   A violent, otherworld scream fills the air.
   A nimbus of chaotic sparks forms around both Spur and your kazarilin dagger and they vanish abruptly.
   You put away your kazarilin dagger.
   You feel sadness as you cease to wield the mighty crystal blade.
   You feel something akin to appreciation from Spur.
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