Rieszthraxilath ithl'Nezilith

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Chasing gang, need speed
Name Rieszthraxilath ithl'Nezilith
Birth date Teliminus 12, 521
Guild Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris
Associations Explorers, Soulburners, Wandslingers
Sex Female
Race Imp (Dracon)
Occupation On-and-off carebear
Status Alive and at large
Level 134
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Sexuality Can't do it without summons
Birthplace Shatterspire
Hobbies Graverobbing, destruction of property, making life-changing decisions on a whim
Adventuring Company
Adventuring company Kalkin's Irregular Grenadiers
Position Third Prettiest Member
Height Easily concealable in suitcase or similar vessel
Weight Roughly equivalent to suitcase
Skin Indigo
Horns Violet
Eyes Bright red, when not on melange (never)
Body Really Forty Years Old

The Dracon (well, imp)

This is a female imp with indigo skin, violet horns and blue eyes.  There is a tattoo of a silvery dragon on her chest.  There is a tattoo of a diamond on her head.  It has 'Skull Hornets' tattooed on its skin in blue ink (it actually reads like this).  She looks about ten dimins tall, three and three twentieths dimins wide, and four fifths of a dimin front to back.

The Myth

Manifested from a featureless mass of irrelevant backstory, Rieszthraxilath, like most Chaotic Neutral individuals, adheres to a code of individuality and personal freedom, which is another way of saying she is greatly lacking in positive qualities.  Though benign by nature, she occasionally escapes her bubble of irrelevance to engage in charmed social interactions with Aedaris' other heroes, many of these escapades ending with her stealing into the night with a bundle of shiny new loot and a raging erection.  Unfortunately, she is an endangered species, though her training in the secret arts of running away by the finest of Discordian masters explains a lot about her continued survival.

The Legend

Some of Rieszthraxilath's various misadventures include:

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