Sinister Stairs

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Hatred -- pure seething, boundless hatred for the fleshfiends. That was the only emotion Sinister Stairs understood in its existence. The hatred to destroy -- obliterate -- the former masters of the freeshades -- to disintegrate their very existence from the underbelly of the world.

The fires of hatred smoldered through Sinister Stairs's core and sought the flames of the drakes to aid in its mission. The drow of Yathryn proved resilient even to the withering flames of the drake, so Sinister Stairs did the unthinkable: It turned to the cleansing powers of Apollo -- enduring untold pain itself -- to harness the rays of the sun against the hated drow.

Sinister Stairs's deeds did not go unnoticed by the All-Seeing Eye of the fomor lord Ahrikol, who recruited the destructive freeshade for even larger conquests. To be continued...

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