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Bonding Requirements

  • Streetwise - Successful bond at 65, 67 manipulation, 20 politics, 18 erotic lore/arts
  • (I successfully bonded one with just graecan, streetwise, and politics. No erotic lore/arts or manipulation.(Poetry might have something to do with it.)) - Zak.
  • Possibly other skills
  • Have read the book 'The Golden Path'

Failure message

You sense a sort of disdain from the brown female sparrow that is surprising for so
humble a creature, as though it operates in a world that is civilized, adult, dangerous,
and far below your comprehension.

Imagined Bond

You imagine what it would be like to have a deep bond with the brown female sparrow, and you feel a distinct echo from within it.
You experience feelings of vibrance, community, versality, belonging, wanderlust, and sensuality.
You experience visions of a city, a dagger, and a golden path.
You experience astral visions of flows of order energy.

Known Abilities

Attribute Modifications

Those who form an empathic bond with a sparrow receive a large bonus to Perception, a medium bonus to Ego and Agility and a small bonus to Vitality and Intellect.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Lexiturgy 16 75 + 10% base
Order Affinity 16 75 + 10% base
Streetwise 16 75 + 10% base
Divination 15 75
Escape 15 75
Martial arts 14 70
Etiquette 14 70
Carousing 13 65
Stealth 13 65
Unarmed Combat 13 65
Combat Reflexes 12 60
Dagger 12 60
Diplomacy 12 60
Dirty Fighting 12 60
Manipulation 12 60
Politics 12 60
Recuperation 12 60
Stamina 12 60
Lockpicking 11 55
Dodge 10 50
Killer Instinct 10 50
Throwing 10 50
Erotic Arts 9 45
Balance 8 40
Climbing 8 40
Disguise 8 40
Find Weakness 8 40
Lip Reading 8 40
Metasenses 8 40
Ownership 8 40
Tumbling 8 40
History 7 35
Literacy 5 25
Acting 4 20
Appraisal 4 20
Blindfighting 4 20
Breath Control 4 20
Equilibrium 4 20
Erotic Lore 4 20
Hardiness 4 20
Heraldry 4 20
Lack of Weakness 4 20
Mimicry 4 20
Poison Lore 4 20
Poison Resistance 4 20
Psychology 4 20
Subordination 4 20
Finance 3 none


Initially on bonding:

Second, the ability to begin walking down the Golden Path.  While walking
the Golden Path, one may review one's path, or step to or turn to a location
on that path.  To begin down the Golden Path, visualize the Golden Path.  To
step off the Golden Path, visualize an ordinary path.

This allows you to teleport/view the last X rooms you walked into. The highest step being the last room you were in and the first being the one you took longest ago. Its very useful for exploring areas or retreating. Walking down on the Golden Path also appears to grant astral perception and situational awareness.

Very Frail

  • Channel spiritual energy out of the familiar to oneself
  • Channel spiritual energy into the familiar from oneself
  • Call
  • Send
  • Convert spirit to order energy
  • Kinsee
The ability to scry a person.  To do this, concentrate on finding
the location of the person you are looking for.

Somewhat Frail

The ability to analyze the composition of persons and objects
Eleventh, the ability to analyze the composition of persons and objects. 
To do this, concentrate on analyzing a person or object.

Fairly Health

Twelfth, the ability to enchant a dagger or knife to return to one's hand
after thrown.  To do this, visualize my hand as the home for the desired
Thirteenth, the ability to manifest a concealing robe.  To do this,
visualize a drape concealing my identity.  To end the effects of this charm,
visualize my full identity.

Your red silk kimono appears in your inventory in a rift of golden light.
wear kimono
You shrug into your red silk kimono, and pull it shut so that it envelops
your body.
You feel safe and protected inside your red silk kimono, shielded from
attention and able to listen to and follow your own thoughts and desires.

The kimono conceals much of your equipment from view. In addition, the kimono increases introspection and psychic integrity, and willpower.

Very Healthy

The ability to acquire knowledge of persons and objects
Fourteenth, the ability to acquire knowledge of persons and objects.  To
do this, concentrate on gaining insight into a person or object.

Towards the end of Very Healthy

Fifteenth, the ability to scry a person's possessions.  To do this,
concentrate on learning the possessions of the person you are interested in
knowing this about.


Sixteenth, the ability to manifest a golden crown.  To do this, visualize
a circle around my thoughts.  To end the effects of this charm, visualize my
thoughts and words as unbound.
You place your gold tiara on your head.
You feel a heady rush of mental energy enter your mind that quickly
settles into extremely refined structures that dramatically increase your
linguistic prowess and your fluidity of thought.

(This ends up manifesting as a golden tiara when Coven. I don't know what other genders would get.) +50 skill to linguistics, literacy, poetry, prose, symbology, and rhetoric.


Seventeenth, the ability to become one with your familiar.  This ability
can be used even if you do not know where your familiar is.  To do this,
concentrate on becoming one with your familiar.

Mid Resilient

Eighteenth, the ability to manifest a sphere of energy around oneself.  A
sphere can hold globes of ordered energy in orbit.  These globes can assist by
nullifying incoming attacks or multiplying the efficacy of one's outgoing
attacks, depending on the disposition of the sphere.  One can manipulate the
sphere by feeling at home, free, or wary.  To do this, visualize a globe.  To
end the effects of this charm, visualize a hemisphere

A sphere should appear around you once you've visualized a globe. It has two settings: imagine myself at home will turn it to cerulean while imagine myself free will turn it scarlet. After that you can use concentrate on wariness to create a stack-able globe that attaches to your sphere. Each hit taken or given will use a globe to either greatly reduce your damage taken or damage you deal.

Very Deep (Near the end)

Nineteenth, the ability to manifest a pair of high-lacing sandals.  To do
this, visualize twine wrapping around my legs and feet.  To end the effects of
this charm, visualize my legs and feet unbound.

Looks like a + to speed. I get plus 15.


Twentieth, the ability to scry an item.  The item must be specific: a
unique item with a name you know, an item that you yourself have named, or an
item you are keeping.  To do this, concentrate on locating the item you are
interested in finding.

Additional Abilities

While in the city, a sparrow's consort will periodically regenerate order energy until at maximum.

The special attack 'Rift' is granted somewhere around somewhat frail bond strength.

Tear a rift in the target that will cling and continue cause damage.

The special attack 'Arc' is granted in the middle of very healthy.

Spin and kick at an opponent, while conjuring a gust of golden wind to
propel one's foot.

The special attack 'Pulse' is granted around resilient.

Use martial prowess to channel a pulse of order energy at the target, with
the intent of disrupting their position in time and space.

The special attack 'Circle' is granted at the start of deep.

Translocate behind a target and unerringly stab them in a weak point.

Adds 800% Perception, 500% Killer Instinct,400% Intelligence, Find Weakness and Tactics to damage rating.

When the familiar is present, the consort receives a bonus to throwing attack ratings, with the effect of the consort's perception and precision strike skill being greatly enhanced.


  • Ego, Willpower, and streetwise seem to help with the amount of order charged per tick.

This makes certain challenges.. Well more challenging. Akrasia ends up being more of a pain in the ass than it should.

  • Coven seem better able to join due to access to Streetwise specs and Leah. Brotherhood of Wine and Song is an alternative.
  • The Martial arts/Unarmed combat bonuses do help you a lot if you've gone through either Hawkmen or Aisenshi.
  • Wielding a dagger is crucial for 2 of your combat maneuvers.
  • If you have the steps. Make sure at least 1 area your able to port to is considered a city-type square. That way you can port in and out. Skill/distance seem to affect this now. Make sure you have the order energy to port there to recharge.
  • If you come across Pathfinder or somebody says they're giving it away take it. Its a randomload Sparrow bond dagger--->Trust me you'll like it. Remember to flip the switch on it.
  • Groups go with you. If you're grouping make sure you tell them when your almost at your limit. Otherwise you'll lose your out.
  • Try and use the combat mode Patient. Ya do hit more and do more damage with less attacks. Which in the end means less order energy used. Its a huge benefit for both soloing or grouping.
  • The Pulse attack has the effect of often removing armor from the limb which it hits. On occasion, it will also remove the limb.
  • The Rift attack takes its damage type at least in part from the damage type of the dagger with which it is performed, with a strong element of order damage.
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