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Devonshire is one of the major port cities for the island nation of Avalon. As such, it sees a wider variety of transient individuals than most of the rest of the island. This has caused the local populace to be a lot more open to the differences between individuals, though some conflicts may still arise. Devonshire is most noted for its many shops, which import goods from all across the realms. It is also home to a large number of service providers, such as Phyrra and her associates offering their services as healers.

Once noted for the piety of its populace, Devonshire has seen huge growth in the number of churches, representing a much wider variety of gods. Despite all of this, the Church of Yehovah still stands as the largest church in the city, completely dwarfing the next largest competitor. Stamping out the existence of other churches would be akin to forcing the entire populace to only speak Anglic; it cannot be completely done, but steps can be taken to ensure that Anglic is the predominant language, and Yehovah is the predominant god.

Among the many shops and taverns in Devonshire, one will be able to find a huge assortment of goods. Among these are pets, assorted followers, religious wares, race specific items, ranged weaponry, herbs, items imported from far off lands, and items never before seen in the realms.

  • Location
    • Devonshire is located in the southern portion of Avalon.

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