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Gardagh is the island nation north of Avalon, northeast of Almeria, and east of what will be the North Sea portion of Wintercrest. It is the home of druids, vikings, and barbarians. Potential future places of interest include a dwarven mine where a few small deposits of Uru were once found, a druidic grove (and possible guildhall), several viking villages, many barbarian villages, a coalition of giants and their kin, a garou caern, temples to some of the less invoked gods, the citadel of the Red Knight, a troll area, another elf city, a yeti caern (and possible guildhall, and a handful of associations. The overal theme behind the area is a combination of vikings and nordic barbarians, drawing upon the many aspects which overlap between the two.

Once the gladiatorial leagues are established, Gardagh will be the host region for the Barbarian Regionals, which is why you'll find 'bear barbarian gladiators'. It's not a typo, despite so many ingenius players trying to point that out.

In the historical timeline, Gardagh was the island to the north of the Altrian outposts on Avalon. Several forts were built along the northern coast to watch for raids coming in from the heathen barbarians. These northerners had different traditions than the Altrians, and lived much closer to nature. The term barbarian was applied to every individual from the region, despite two separate cultures. After the Altrian Empire withdrew from Avalon, the entire island was plunged into a dark age, and the inhabitants of Gardagh began a long campaign to claim some of the riches that were left behind by the Altri, and to claim new lands for their growing population to settle into. Avalon was a natural choice for several of the tribes, since it was close enough to visit the rest of the tightly-knit family clan several times throughout the year, and offered lush soil in case one of the sae-farers decided to settle down into a domesticated life. What one culture sees as an expansion, another culture sees as an invasion.

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