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Screenshot of LS tintin++
Screenshot of LS tintin++
Another tintin++ screenshot, in ascii map mode
Another tintin++ screenshot, in ascii map mode
LS tintin++ in windowed map mode
LS tintin++ in windowed map mode



Why tintin++?

  • Automapping
    • Navigate the world visually (see screenshots) and auto-travel to landmarks
    • Use my pre-made maps which include every room I've explored as Corvynna.
  • Multi-platform: I use tt++ on OS X (home), Linux (work), and if one insists, Windows.



  • The tintin++ mud client (and source) may be downloaded freely.
  • My Lost Souls v3 tintin++ set will become available here. (Currently in alpha.)
    • My LS tt is based on 2.00.1b+ because of the new #path features.
    • I found a bug in 2.00.1 (and earlier versions) with #map read:
      • Change mapper.c line 1354 from tintin_printf to tintin_printf2 and recompile, or
      • Download the beta code, or
      • Wait for 2.00.2


  • Install tintin++ v2.00.1b or later. (See caveats above.)
  • Download my global.tar.gz, ls.tar.gz and ls-maps.tar.gz (when they become available) and unzip them. Your tt directory structure will look like:
    tt/            (global.tar.gz files)
      /ls/         (ls.tar.gz files)
      /ls/chars/   (Your incarnos-specific customizations.)
      /ls/guilds/  (Sample affiliation files I use.)
      /ls/local/   (Scripts for individual areas)
      /ls/maps/    (ls-maps.tar.gz files)
      /ls/world/   (Scripts for travel)

Configuration & Running

  • If you want your atman to autologin, you'll create private.tt, in your ls/ folder, with your atman and password.
  • To manually run LS, run tt++ -r init.tt from your ls/ folder.
  • To make things more generalized, I've included a sample script (tt/t) that can be used for all muds. (e.g. t ls)

Using LS tintin++

Map Mode

Automapping will automagically appear when you incarnate. :)

  • Split window vt map (default)
  • Ascii map mode - /ascii will toggle you between vt map and ascii mode
  • Multiple windows
    • Can be used in addition to vt map or ascii.
    • Uncomment the #map map line in init.tt
    • In your second window, tail -fs 0.1 map.txt

If you want add to the maps, use /explore, /symbol, /color and /mapsave.


  • /run <dest> to move to a destination, or /walk <dest> and /walk if you want to go room-by-room. (Useful if you're backtracking, looking for something.)
  • If you're blind and can't see, you can also use /run <start> <dest> or /walk <start> <dest>.
  • tintin++ also supports it's own travel, in addition to my predefined routes.
    • I've flagged trees and sky as "avoid", so tintin++ will find you a route doesn't require climbing or flying.
    • I suggest using tintin++'s built in pathing for intra- kingdom or area travel

Status Bar

Use /sbar to to enable my sbar

Combat Aliases

Certain variables can be set, such as combat_slay, to trigger auto-killing.

Affiliation Aliases

  • Most affiliations you can just use /<affiliation> to set up common aliases. (For example, /aligned to create in-game aliases for Aligned forms.)
  • Wandslingers: vigil will take a wand from your holster/bandolier and/or backpack, unwield your secondary weapon, perform the vigil, then put your wand back and rewield your weapon.
  • Ringwielders: Combat aliases are intelligently parsed so, for example, "kel" can be omitted.


If you info a trainer, you can then /train or /enhance regardless of what the trainer's actual syntax is.

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