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Corvynna Delrosa was born of Vanyar nobility and raised in the royal arts of both sword & sorcery. She excelled in her training, and soon surpassed what even the dana could teach her. With this realization, she became increasingly despondent, until she finally left Valathyr in search of greater challenges...and power.

Corvynna returned decades later from her travels, a changed woman. She was taciturn and would speak little of her journeys or new, incredible abilities; but she was welcomed by the Elflords to help protect her homeland from the advancing armies of Ahrikol.

Oh, how the historians wish to forget this moment in history! The bards lament the doom that followed her to Valathyr, and to this day her own kin still curse her name! -- for she brought with her the Great Betrayal.

In her consummate quest for power, she had accepted a Ring of Power from Ahrikol himself, in exchange for the subjugation and destruction of her kinsmen! With the secrets of the Aliavelyrae bare before her, the armies of Ahrikol boldly marched through the defenseless gates of Valathyr, most of the dana already slain. Only Finwe the Bold survived by fleeing the slaughter, and bitterly declared it was Corvynna herself who slew Galadriel and presented Nenya to her new Lord, Ahrikol!

With exhaustive chronomancy, Finwe eventually rebuilt the city of Valathyr, and today its inhabitants have even returned to glory. But all the dana -- from the bright-lit halls of Et'zlaerhi to the dark depths of Yathryn -- still revile her name for all eternity:

Corvynna Kinslayer, the betrayer[1]

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Corvynna was actually my very first incarnos, despite having chosen Stairs as my atman. She was a half-elf |traveler, and I explored the world with her while learning how to play Lost Souls. I then played the game in earnest with other characters (including Sinister Stairs -- finally), before returning to Corvynna, re-envisioning her as an Elflord Maiden of the Spear. When the time came to retire Sinister Stairs, however, I wanted another ringwielder to replace it so I recreated Corvynna, this time as a member of the newly-renamed dana race. Her infamy has grown ever since...

End of spoiler information.
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