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Hello, There:

I normally play a ton of characters, most of which I abandon at half-built...

If you happen to A) use the Mudlet client B) hate the Discordian skill names, C) want a break


I constructed a large amount of replacement triggers to remove them from the game. they're not perfect, an example of an unfixable is 'logicianry,' but I daresay that logicianry is better than 'Sophistry' which hardly relates.

Link Broke - Will Fix Someday

simply use the 'import' function of the Mudlet client to import those triggers and you should find yourself free.


If my usage of the Discern Secrets Aedarene Benison actually gets anything new, I'll put it here.

Fresh Gossip: Delara is Leah's sister.

 You sense that Yegithas has a secret or important piece of knowledge related to the term or terms ' job'.

Doesn't respond to it, though, even with Comprehend Languages active on him.

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