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This is where I'll put my musings about LS and probably of more interest my knowledge of Psionics and how they work (or in some cases don't).


Ways to cheese Death

While I don't personally like the idea of making death a joke in LS and having no real risk (death penalty is already almost non-existent) I figured if I put these here maybe the powers-that-be will take notice of what a joke LS has become danger wise. That being said let's get into the cheesiest of the cheese!

There are a lot of ways to avoid death on LS, essentially eliminating most (if not all) risk from combat if done properly. Note you can also stack any of the below so you have redundancy should one fail.

  1. Amulet of Life Protection (also known as AOLP) - Works in neck slot and will trigger on "death", will teleport you away from combat to a random location
    1. These can fail, but it's very rare
  2. AOLP Spells/Abilities - There are a few of these such as Sea's Blessings from OZM and Phoenix Rebirth, also a lot of Affiliations give this for free like higher level Garlic
    1. I believe like an AOLP that these can fail, but again it's very rare
  3. Teleportation Alias/Trigger - While it can be very hard to flee combat (i.e. leave the room), it's exceedingly easy to simply teleport away at the first sign of danger. This can be done by either triggering an affiliation spell/ability or even easier simply reading a scroll of recall
    1. Recommendation here is a) set an alias key (say z) to read the scroll/cast spell/use guild ability or if you're industrious and REALLY want to avoid death just have said scroll/spell/ability trigger when your HP from HP Bar gets below a certain number
    2. This is VASTLY more preferred than actually fleeing combat, as fleeing can easily be stopped by the mob and therefore is much harder. Additionally if you DO successfully flee everything appears to get a free attack on you which can really hurt. So it's WAY easier to simply teleport away as this can be done instantly and is essentially unstoppable.
    3. Note: Triggers won't help much if you're one-shotted or stunned, but if you are able to avoid that this is an easy and cheap way to avoid death

Google Sheets

I've created numerous Google Sheets over the years to help with managing and playing LS, some are spread throughout this wiki but I thought it'd be helpful to put them in once place. So enjoy!

IMPORTANT - For any links you'll need to edit this entry and copy/paste it, for some reason the Wiki isn't allowing a direct link out.

Spec Access Review

The purpose of this it allow the player to show what Spec Access they gained (or lost) when joining or leaving a Guild/Assoc. See steps below.

Spec Access Review Sheet - edit page to get link

Spec Access Review Sheet - Screen Reader Version - edit page to get link

  1. Make a copy of the sheet to your own personal Google account, this will allow you to edit the sheets
  2. Do show specialty access and copy/paste entire list into Pre-Load (Cleanup) sheet, then delete any erroneous lines that are not skill related such as pauses, any OOC that snuck in, etc
  3. Make sure column A is empty in Spec Before sheet and paste show specialty access from Pre-Load (Cleanup) sheet into Cell A2 of Spec Before sheet
  4. Leave/Join Guild or Assoc and then repeat steps 1 & 2, instead using Spec After sheet

LS Weapon Info


Aris Calculation Sheet


Companions & Familiars

What They Are

Companions are anything that you control, they generally fall into the following categories:

  • Sentient - Knight's Squire, ELF's Gogtzul, Equites Adventurers, etc.
  • Summons - Spirits, Amalgamals, Druidic Summons, etc.

Familiars are self explanatory, aka anything received via an Empathic Bond. You'll have both more and less options on how to control these than you'll have a Sentient companion.

How to Get Them

  • Sentient:
  1. Equites - Best companions as you have a variety to choose from (Aisenshi, HW, PW, Rager, VV), unfortunately you need to join Equites to get one and only 1 (random type) is available per day
  2. Deck - Risky and can totally F up your character, but if you're lucky (and Saintly/Ordered) you can get a Human Deck Knight
  3. ELF - Gog's and possibly others, note if you leave ELF they depart
  4. Dreamwalkers - Companions that you can get by acquiring a Jeweled Skull from a Demilich in The Aumbrie, sadly you can NOT use a gem of perpetuation on them which means if they die they are gone (think Rogue-like) which REALLY sucks
  5. Eris Sac - Sacc'ing to Eris and being very chaotic can (possibly) get you a friendly companion; such as Goblin, Bez, Dragon, etc. ~Note this isn't common AT ALL, but has been known to happen
  6. RW Domination Rune(s) - There are I believe 3 Runes (Goblin, Orc, Troll) that you can use to dominate one of those races, note they'll struggle against your control so be sure you have mad skillz
  • Summons: Bonds, various Guilds

How to Keep, Control & Command Them

  • Keep:
  1. Have a Guild\Bond that can memorize your companions, currently this is Equites, Osprey and Unicorns
  2. Get a Gem of Perpetuation (will periodically memorize follower), info gem for instructions on how to use
  • Control (aka Aliases):
  1. Abbrev, come up with a 2-3 letter abbreviation for your companion, i.e. if their name is Felix it'd be fel
  2. First alias, "set alias fela to show aliases like fel*" ~This will allow you to quickly see all your companion's aliases
  3. Second alias, your generic command alias. Examples are as follows:
    1. Companion - "set alias feldo to whisper $* to felix"
    2. Familiar - "set alias feldo to concentrate on urging felix to $*"
  4. Third alias, reporting (for Followers only and some Familiars), "set alias felrep to feldo report $*"
  5. Other aliases, pick whatever you want, but always precede with your first 3-chars, some examples:
    • set alias feldef to feldo set combat mode to defensive
    • set alias felbal to feldo set combat mode to aggressive
    • set alias feldeg to feldo set specialty degree in $*
    • Etc, etc.
  • Command:
  1. Urge - Familiars
  2. Whisper/Say - Companions
  3. Shout - Companions, useful when they are room(s) away
  4. Mindspeaker (Project) - Gets ALL companions, which can be very nice
  5. Mindspeaker (Link) - Gets the one companion, can conceptually be done over great distances which has it's advantages
  6. Ringwielder (Mind Rune) - This should allow you to control your companions, has yet to be tested

How to Make Efficient Companions

  • Utility Companions - They (probably) will never fight, they are just there for support purposes. Some examples:
    • Cleric, Druid, OZM, Stalker
  • Combat Companions - Much harder to manage, some suggestions below:
    • Good Guilds (for sentient followers)
    1. Aisenshi - Minimum Effort, Maximum Gain ~The Millennial of Guilds!
    2. Zet - Lots of excellent bonds and good Assoc access
    3. SS - Solid bonds and good assoc Access
    4. VV - Large variety of bonds, sadly shite Assoc access
    5. Aliavelyrae - If you have an Elf race this can be good
    6. Ringwielders - Probably best for a Melee focused RW
    • Attributes - USE THIS (Chaos created it for yooooouuuu): set attribute development focus
    • Specialties - Subordination and to a lesser extend Leadership are crucial so your Companion doesn't become an XP Sink

Companion/Familiar Quirks

Companions and familiars have what I'll affectionately call "quirks" to them, here's a list that will be added-to/deleted-from as things change.

  • They (sometimes) don't keep their effort, strike location and (possibly?) combat mode
    • This can be frustrating if you want to strike a certain location, or operate at a certain effort level, or worse yet fight in a certain combat mode (this appears to be OK)
    • I've had to tell my familiar to strike head like 20x in one combat, kept setting strike to weakness ~This is a BIG problem atm with familiars
  • Like players, at login, they will re-activate all their special maneuvers; so make an alias to have them suspended if you don't want them used


Psionic Introduction

How to pop Wild Talents

  • Pick a Psi Race, order from best to worst: Kedeth->Advenus->Svirfneblin->Duergar
  • Go to Basin under Jhan to try and pop first Talent, do "search altar" and then "drink from basin"
    • Note this WILL change your gender, so pick the gender you don't want to be at char gen
    • Expect this to take a couple of days as you will likely need to reroll a bunch before it pops.
  • Establish a good Psi % Chance Base (i.e., lots of Psi Skills and low Magick Skills), mid-100s to 200s in a bunch is good
  • Join Aisenshi and train philo to like 150+, can get multiple Talent chances various spec gates
    • Get CMED and Autodidact it while you're at it
  • Join LB to get the office Eosphoros Eklektos (Must have 3rd tier Ascent aperture). This will give you a guaranteed talent (Psi Races ONLY)
  • Go through Aligned; 100% True Self gives a Talent (again Psi Races ONLY).
  • Eat brains (Vlek or Gog) until you get to 10 Int Mod ~This currently BROKEN, Change 7753 does not work and currently seems to make getting a talent (singular) from brains impossible until fixed
    • Ideally only once you have a really good Psi % Chance Base (see above)
    • Once you hit 10 Int Mod stop eating since yes you may get a Talent but you'll lose it once you're cured, which WILL happen
    • Note it says 10 Int MOD, not 10 brains. You may need to eat more than 10 brains to get that 10 Int Mod.
  • If you are a Psi Race you can do PPQ anytime you want with no impact (guaranteed talent for Psi Race ONLY)
    • ONLY do PPQ for a Non-Psi Race when you have given up on talents as it will nerf any chance in that Talent bracket pretty much forever
  • Lick a tab of acid can pop a talent, ONLY chance is on the FIRST lick
  • Morphine and Heroin can both pop talents, and they appear to track separately. After not receiving one from heroin, a character received a latent from trying morphine. It's likely that another talent can be received from opium-soaked cigarettes, but no confirmation here. Like acid, it is likely a talent can only be gotten the first time.

Why aren't my Wild Talents revealing?

Here I'll list what you can do to reveal almost all talents, that way people won't bug me or have to pour through the CF that is the Wild Talent page. Huzzah!

  • Battledancer - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Bladeturner - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Dexter - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Dowser - Become thirsty (very), and/or hang out over water ~Then cry softly if you have it
  • Empath - Getting aggro'd (attacked) by a Mob, defending yourself from psychic contacts (basic telepathy needed) works ~confirmed, syntax is concentrate on defending myself from psychic contact. May also trigger if somebody is about to attack you
    • For NPC's this is VERY hard to pop if they don't have basic telepathy, took me over a month till I had them join WS and got it triggered via a Raid
  • Eyewyrd - Flee combat
  • Farstriker - Have one of your critical body parts (head, body) be at 50% health and fight in combat
  • Fetch - Drop stuff
  • Firestarter - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Fixer - Have broken equipment in your inventory, also possibly look at it a bunch (annoying to pop)
  • Harmonist - Look at people
  • Ironman - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something! (unlike Farstriker does not require a critical body part be 50% or lower health, huzzah!)
  • Levitator - Fall
  • Longshot - Just stand around
  • Mindblaster - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Mindreader - Look at and talk to people, it'll pop eventually (also may just show up from idling)
  • Mindshielder - Get Psi-attacked, or (if you can) try defending yourself from psychic contacts (basic telepathy needed)
  • Mindspeaker - Babble to people and have them babble back, also can show up from idling
  • Planeswalker - in;out of a doorway/entrance a bunch
  • Psychic Healer - 9l at something a bunch
  • Psychic Vampire - Defend yourself from psychic contacts (basic telepathy needed), not sure beyond that
  • Seer - This just happens, maybe looking at people, or possibly scrying?
  • Sensitive - Be around Psionic people, also can just happen
  • Soothsayer - 9l at a player
  • Strongman - Pops in combat, don't be a wuss, fight something!
  • Stormlord - Get hit by electricity, should also pop in combat if you're outside in sh*tty weather

How to Not Suck at Psionics 101

  • This is one of the more painful things to answer so lets get this out of the way first; at the moment there is only 1 Guild (Traveler) and 2 Bonds (Psicat and Fox) which give broad psionic specialty access (aka Psi Access). Like most things on LS psionics requires specs to be good at, so that average Planeswalker isn't much good to you if you only have 1 spec in Translocation (hello random location! lol), or that high Levitator will barely get you off the ground with only 1 or 2 Psychokinesis.
  • So that's the bad news, the good news is there are a FEW Assocs that also give Psi Access (see below), but like most things on LS not everything can be combined. So yes Infucted gives 4 Redaction and Telepathy, but it can't be combine with the somewhat broad 1's of Garlic. That's also assuming you even want to join the Assocs in the first place, no Assoc at this point is worth joining JUST for their Psi Access.
  • I added an * next to Garlic due to Change 6304, which now gives (in addition to the default below) additional Psi Access depending on your advancement within Garlic. Thanks to Arie for this great option!
  • Additionally there are a handful of other bonds that give focused Psi Access but that won't help a "good" broad psionic character. If though you're fortunate enough to pop Firestarter and Ironman and that's about it, sure you can bond an iFish and that'll be perfect access wise for both those talents.

Psionic Access

  • EDIT ME if you have Assoc information that is not already listed.
  • Base Access is only given in the Skill if you have a Talent that utilizes it, i.e. Planeswalker for Translocation, Firestarter for Metacreativity, etc etc.
Access List
Races/Affils/Bonds Matrix Interface Metacathexis Metaconation Metacreativity Metasenses Psychokinesis Psycholeptesis Redaction Telepathy Translocation
Access - Base*       1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Race - Kedeth       1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Race - Svirfneblin           1 1      
Guild - Aligned       5            
Guild - Deep Whisperers 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Guild - Lightbringers       2            
Guild - Shemsu Sutek           1        
Guild - Traveler 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7
Guild - Zetesai 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Assoc - Agnihotri       1            
Assoc - Attuned               1    
Assoc - Brotherhood of W&S (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Chosen of Vashanka           1        
Assoc - Collegium Magistrorum (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Crafty Linguists (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Explorers (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Fianna (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Followers of Apollo (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Garbage Thondur (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Garlic*   1   1   1 1 1 1  
Assoc - Glomerates (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Hellwalkers (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Infucted               4 4  
Assoc - Jinxian Plutocracy (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Legion of Dynamic Discord (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Losthaven Guard (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Maiden's of the Spear (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Ollin Tonatiuh (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Pantarchic Church of Yehovah (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Questor's of Axa (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Rebels (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Shadow Brethren (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Sodality of the Nine-Spoked Wheel (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Stalkers of the Gate (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Steel Serpents (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Storm Walkers             1      
Assoc - Synodia Lykouros (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Touched 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5
Assoc - Synousia Algesis (Zilch)                    
Assoc - Wandslingers           1        
Assoc - Wardens (Zilch)                    
Assoc - WoV (Zilch)                    
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